Potsdam Royals: A QB conundrum

The Potsdam Royals have had one of the highest scoring offenses in the German Football League this season so far averaging 38.2 points a game.

They seem to have made it even better after bringing in gunslinger quarterback Giovanni Rescigno fresh from a season in Italy’s Division 1 with the Milano Rhinos. Rescigno led all quarterbacks in the Italian league, throwing for 2,350 yards and 25 touchdowns in just eight games with the Rhinos.

However, Potsdam already had a quarterback in PJ Settles. A quarterback who had been there since the start of the season and who had led the team to its first three victories. PJ may have only put up modest numbers passing the ball – 257 yards and four touchdowns, and two blow outs – but still managed to team up with running back Jake Mayon to produce a monstrous rushing attack. The two combined for 717 yards and nine touchdowns, scaring the life out of any would-be defense.

Although Rescigno did see some action in the third game against the Cologne Crocodiles, it has been Settles who has seen the bulk of the playing time. And why wouldn’t he? Up to that point, they had been winning. But just as the Royals were shaping up to be German Bowl contenders, they suffered their first decisive defeat, at the hands of GFL South’s top dogs, the Dresden Monarchs. It was a game in which Settles only completed two passes for 43 yards. The rushing attack was still effective as Settles and Mayon combined for over 200 yards, but Potsdam still fell short, losing 31-15.

In that game, Dresden’s excellent passing game featuring quarterback Kyle Carta-Samuels Jr and wideout Darrell Stewart Jr was the key factor. Their ability to strike quickly from anywhere on the field proved too much to handle for Potsdam as the Monarchs aerial attack put up over 250 yards. Potsdam will surely learn from this defeat and try to incorporate a more effective passing game. Whether or not they will rely on Rescigno for that is another question.

Even after their loss at the hands of the Monarchs, the Royals are still one of the most dangerous teams in the league due to the sheer amount of talent they have on their roster. A weapon as dangerous as Settles should never be benched, but how to better incorporate Rescigno’s gunslinging ability will surely be the question on the coaches’ minds as they look forward to the New Yorker Lions on Saturday.

Make sure to watch the Royals and Lions battle it out today on AFI.tv. Kickoff is 18:00 CET (6 pm, 12 noon ET).

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.