Potsdam Royals’ Jake Mayon has powered his way to the top of the German Football League rushing ranks

In just two games in the German Football League, Potsdam Royals RB Jake Mayon has definitely made his mark.

So far, he is averaging 11.3 yards a carry – a first down every time he touches the ball. He has rushed for 417 yards on 37 attempts and shot to the top of the GFL rushing standings, 200 yards clear of the next man.

Not bad for this former Northern Michigan running back who was already turning heads early in his college career. He led the Wildcats in rushing for three straight years, racking up a total of 4,220 yards and 38 touchdowns which earned him D2 All-Region First Team and GLIAC Offensive Back of The Year honors in 2018/19.

Fast forward two years. Mayon takes his first hand off for Potsdam against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes as The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme tune) blares through the stadium’s sound system. The outside-zone run goes for a forgettable six yards. But then on the next play, he rushes for seven. Then on the next 27.  That’s when you start seeing what you are getting with Jake. A one-cut, north to south runner who abused Kiel for two consecutive games.

It goes without saying that the Potsdam squad is loaded with an impressive list of imports. And also, the two games were played against a Kiel Baltic Hurricanes side that has not only received thrashings from the Royals this season but also the Cologne Crocodiles. Still, there’s no mistaking the power and the consistency that Mayon gives the Potsdam offense.

With the recent arrival of Milano Rhinos QB Giovanni Rescigno, Potsdam will now have another dimension added to its offense as the Italian-American does not count as an A. The QB threw for 2,349 yards and 25 touchdowns in Italy so how he and dual-threat starting QB PJ Settles will operate as a duo is anyone’s guess. But one thing that will remain the same is the frequency in which the Royals hand the ball off the Mayon to keep the chains moving.

The Royals will go up against the Cologne Crocodiles this weekend and it will be up to their front seven to try and contain Mayon if they hope to keep the power back under 200 yards. The questions is if Cologne can spare one man to just scout Mayon the entire game.

Make sure to watch these two explosive offenses go at it Saturday at 16:30 CET (4:30 pm, 10:30 am ET) on AFI.tv.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.