Powerhouse matchup: Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns take on Helsinki Roosters

The first major international challenge game of 2022 will take place in Helsinki, Finland on April 23 as the German Football League powerhouse Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns are traveling north to Europe’s Nordic region to face Finland’s most successful team of the past decade, the Helsinki Roosters.

This is a matchup that has been long in the planning. Two years in fact.

Unicorns head coach Jordan Neuman and Helsinki boss Juha Hakala began discussing this game two years ago, just prior to COVID-19, and had actually scheduled it for the spring of that year. But, as happened with so many other events during the pandemic, it was cancelled.

So now, finally, after two years of waiting, two of the top American football programs in Europe will square off.

For the Roosters, this will be the first time they play a game outside of the Nordic region since 2018, when they stunned the football world in Europe by beating the Vienna Vikings 41-37 in an exhibition game, the Charity Bowl, in Vienna, Austria.

Schwäbisch Hall ventured beyond Germany’s borders for the first time ever this past season when they entered and won the Central European Football League, CEFL, title, beating Austria’s Swarco Raiders in the final.

Needless to say, Helsinki head coach Juha Hakala is looking forward to the matchup:

 “We are super excited about this opportunity. The Unicorns have one of the top American football programs and teams in whole Europe that is well coached and also loaded with great players. We have to compete at our highest level when we play against them in April. Internationality is also one of our clubs core values and we are proud to host one of the best international games of 2022 season at Helsinki.”

Jordan Neuman:

“I am excited that we could finally put this game together after two years of trying. Our goal for the Unicorns was to seek out and find the best competition we can get along with offering our players an International Road Game and by playing at Helsinki Roosters we have achieved both. This is not a preseason game or a friendship game, this is a game where two top European teams are looking to make their case for being a top European team, therefore both Roosters and Unicorns will be highly motivated to win this game! We are very excited to Kick Off our 2022 season against the Roosters!”


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