Predicted Playoffs With Recent Adjustments – New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

Are the New York Giants better prepared for the upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys? This was the question most asked upon discovering the Giants have just signed ex-Cowboy, RB Rod Smith for the season, an interesting turn of events leading to the upcoming game.

The New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys, a game set to take place on the 8th of September 2019 at the AT&T stadium IN Arlington Texas, is said to be the most anticipated game for the beginning of the season. With the recent turn of events, fans have been keeping a rather close eye on the NFL betting lines at 888 sportsbook to monitor the odds. Currently the Giants are the underdogs with the Cowboys leading strong in predictions. This may be due to taking into consideration the last 4 games played between the two teams and the Cowboys walking away with the win.

The trend seems to be an ongoing one as the Cowboys have opened the season rivalled against the Giants in 6 of the last 8 seasons. The stats have been in favour of the Cowboys as 4 of the 5 seasons they have owned against the Giants and of the last 12 overall; they have taken the title 9 times with the above mentioned 4 straight games.

Needless to say, with the Giants signing Rod Smith, there is some newfound hope for Giants fans and only time will tell which of the two teams will walk away as the favourite and the other left to play role of the underdog.

The ex-Cowboy, Smith, played a total of 16 games for the Dallas Cowboys last year and earned himself an average grade of 57.6 according to sources. The new addition to the NY Giants has succeeded in achieving 5 touchdowns in only 4 years with the Cowboys and is said to have to live up to new teammate, Saquon Barkley, a strong player for the Giants who has tallied up 15 total touchdowns.

The most recent addition to live streams for fans is betting on their favorites and underdogs which has become legal in a number of states. Online sports betting is fast becoming a favourite past time for fans, granting them the opportunity to place wagers on the most anticipated games, such as the upcoming match between the Giants and the Cowboys. With the start of the season only commencing in the beginning of September 2019, there is much anticipation brewing and many adjustments can be made on current bets placed online. Only time will tell which team will walk away with the game win, but the heat has since been turned up since the news began circulating of Rod Smith’s recent contractual signing. One thing remains certain; the additional player has certainly added excitement to the upcoming match. It is said to be the kick-off of the season!

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