PREVIEW: 2014 Football European Championships – Team Sweden

Sweden Head Coach Patrik Lundqvist has been putting together a formidable roster

Everyday this week AFI will be bringing you an introduction to each country represented in this year’s 2014 Eat the Ball Football European Championship taking place in Austria from May 30th to June 7th. Game venues in the preliminary round will include Graz and St. Poelten, while the final games of the championship will be held at the Ernst Happel- Stadium in Vienna.



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 The Three Crowns Team has been at the top of Europe only once in 2005. At the last European Championship in 2010, the Swedes succumbed to Austria for the bronze. As the next host country of the 2015 Stockholm World Championships, Sweden automatically qualifies for the 2015 World Cup.

Nevertheless, Team Sweden and Sweden Head Coach Patrik Lundqvist have been putting together a formidable roster. Lundqvist and his coaching staff chose a 45-man squad that are sure to represent their country strongly in the 2014 European Championships in Austria.


The 2014 European Championships are from May 30th to June 7th in Austria. There will be 2 groups of 3 teams each. Sweden plays in Group A with Germany and Finland. The winners of each group advance to the final in Vienna. The three best teams, regardless of the Swedish position, qualify for the World Cup Stockholm 2015.

Sunday, June 1, at 16.00 Finland vs Sweden
Tuesday, June 3, at 19:00 Sweden vs Germany


The squad includes three of the sport’s more prominent players in recent years. One of the least surprising names, for example, the 2013 Player of the Year in the Super Series, Johan Stål from Orebro Black Knights. Stål is one of the most experienced in the Swedish Championship squad and he was with the team back in 2007 for the American Football World Cup in Japan. The results which were admittedly modest, but the experience from a major championship is just is very important in the crunch.

Along with Stål, WR Fredrik Isaksson (Carlstad Crusaders), has been one of the leading pass receivers in the country in recent years. In the latest international friendly against France, Isaksson led all Swedish receivers with 12 receptions for 204 yards and three touchdowns. After Isaksson in the International was Stål with 5 receptions for 71 yards and one touchdown.

On the other side of the ball on coach Lundqvist’s defense is one of Sweden SuperSeriesen best tacklers, linebacker Markus Westman (Tyreso Royal Crowns). Markus, along with his brother, Pontus Westman who is also on the squad, has been a rock on the Tyresö defense lineup in recent years. In 2013 this defense only conceded 56 points all season in the SuperSeriesen, and less than one touchdown per game!



Name Club Position YOB
Anders Hermodsson Carlstad Crusaders QB 1989
Philip Juhlin Kristianstad Predators QB 1991
Christian Forsman Carlstad Crusaders RB 1983
Sebastian Gauthier Västerås Roedeers RB 1991
Jonathan Wikström Uppsala 86ers RB 1991
Fredrik Isaksson Carlstad Crusaders WR 1989
Jesper Hermodsson STU Northside Bulls WR 1987
Amat Jobe Uppsala 86ers WR 1989
Per Lindelöf Tyresö Royal Crowns WR 1987
Johan Stål Örebro Black Knights WR 1984
Marcus Johnsson Kristianstad Predators WR 1991
Fredrik Eklund Limhamn Griffins WR 1983
Sebastian Albinsson STU Northside Bulls WR 1993
Olle Norberg Stockholm Mean Machines OL 1989
Daniel Holmgren Carlstad Crusaders OL 1985
Sebastian Nilsson Örebro Black Knights OL 1993
Marcus Lind Tyresö Royal Crowns OL 1987
Daniel Söderberg Uppsala 86ers OL 1986
Rickard Ovsiannikov Uppsala 86ers OL 1987
Nicklas Johansson Carlstad Crusaders OL 1991
Ola Kimrin FA K 1972
John Lannefors STU Northside Bulls DL 1989
Simon Nilsson Kristianstad Predators DL 1987
Henrik Green Uppsala 86ers DL 1973
Marco Gudding Carlstad Crusaders DL 1989
David Strobel Limhamn Griffins DL 1994
Alexi Nyström Örebro Black Knights DL 1992
Pontus Westman Tyresö Royal Crowns LB 1991
Markus Westman Tyresö Royal Crowns LB 1991
NY! Joshua Akena Uppsala 86ers LB 1992
Oliver Persson Limhamn Griffins LB 1992
Robin Prevolnik Uppsala 86ers LB 1990
NY! Filip Jönsson Örebro Black Knights LB 1990
Rikard Robbins Västerås Roedeers DB 1989
Marcus Christensson Limhamn Griffins DB 1987
Philip Minja Tyresö Royal Crowns DB 1987
Lamin Saho Tyresö Royal Crowns DB 1986
Christoffer Dessezar Uppsala 86ers DB 1987
Olof Eriksson Carlstad Crusaders DB 1989
Kristoffer Folkstrand Limhamn Griffins DB 1987
Marlon Escobar Västerås Roedeers DB 1994
Oscar Söderberg Uppsala 86ers DB 1994
Anton Bengtsson STU Northside Bulls DB 1993


Coach Patrik Lundqvist Head Coach & Defense coordinator
Coach Jon Walker Offense coordinator
Coach Håkan Eriksson Quarterbacks
Coach Robert Johansson Running backs & Special teams
Coach Kristoffer Fredlund Wide Receiver
Coach Erik Ahlberg Offense line
Coach Stefan Björkman Asst. Offense line
Coach Andreas Wennberg Defense line
Coach Martin Köpsén Linebackers
Coach Alex Adamo Defensive backs
Staff Johan Drufva Doctor
Staff Lars-Göran Waldemark Equipment
Staff Niclas Carlson Trainer/SoC


John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.