Preview & Video Teaser: IFAF Europe – Helsinki Roosters v. Örebro Black Knights (WATCH LIVE!)

“…you will see two very physical and well prepared teams on the field!”

The North Group of the 2014 IFAF European Champions League plays its first round this Saturday, May 3rd. One match-up will set the Swedish champion Carlstad Crusaders against  Danish champion and host Copenhagen Towers. In the second game the two-time defending Finnish champion Helsinki Roosters will sail by Viking Lines to Sweden to meet Swedish powerhouse, the Örebro Black Knights.

iFAF hel v. orebero

The Roosters-Black Knights’ game will be broadcasted and streamed LIVE Saturday, 5/3 at 10 a.m. EST.

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Head Coaches Juha Hakala of the Helsinki Roosters and Mike Caniglia of the Örebro Black Knights spoke a bit about this weekend’s match-up.

Black Knights Head Coach Mike Caniglia on the Helsinki Roosters:

“Helsinki Roosters are a typical professional team that is very well coached. They run a spread offense with a lot of weapons and a quarterback that has been there for a long time. They also have a quality running back that is going to be a real threat, and that we have to be aware of. Most of their skill players have been playing together for a long time, so I expect them to come out and hit the floor running.

On the defensive side of the ball they have a good group of players that will be a tough challenge for our offense. They have a very strong, physical front seven, and to beat them I believe we have to be successful in our passing game.

Overall this game is huge for us. It is our first game of the season, and this game will in many ways establish what we’re going to see this year. We have to go out and show our home fans, that we’re ready to play.”

Roosters Head Coach Juha Hakala on the Örebro Black Knights:

“Örebro Black Knights have very physical football team that has interesting mix of talented international players from Serbia, France, U.S. and also many Swedish players that are familiar to us Finns from National Team level.

By having a quick look of Black Knights offense you can’t look over their powerful running back group that has listed one of most talented Finnish running back Veikka Lehtonen and Swedish National team running back Filip Bäckström.

It is also interesting to see one of Tre Kronors youth national teams most talented DL Max Gunnarsson listed also as RB.

In wide receiver position we are going to face fast legs of Johan Stål that is going to receive passes from US quarter back Andrew Shoop that has great experience playing in Europe for the Prague Panthers for the past season.

The offensive line of Örebro is looking really plentiful and it has great talent in form of Swedish players like Robin Svalin and Lars Björkman, but the clear leader of the group is Center Sebastian Nilsson that has great power behind his play.

In Defensive side of the ball the story seems similar like in offense that it is packed with talent looking at defensive line Örebro lines up two talented DL´s by the names of Erik Törnblom and Aleksi Nyström that has good pass rush skills.

In the linebacker group we can also see National Team talent in form of Anton Källvik and Olle Balksäter.

DB group is no different, they line up National Team player Johan Lindahl and U.S. player Mike Hicks that had a standout career as DB in University of Baylor.

We are looking for a great game!

Jarmo Lahti , President, Roosters

“The Black Knights organization has been most helpful to help us for easy travel to Örebro, We feel very welcome and confident for all the arrangements they have done for the game.

I look forward for a good and entertaining game for all the fans, you will see two very physical and well prepared teams on the field!

See you all in Behrn Arena on May 3rd!”

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