Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy teams up with Dutch Federation

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy and the Dutch Football Federation (AFBN) teamed up this past weekend to promote the game of football for young players who are interested in playing the game. Approximately 100 young athletes came to the facilities of Lightning Leiden American Football Club in Leiden, The Netherlands.

The goal for this day was to introduce new young players to the sport and give experienced players a different coaching environment to boost their skills. For The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy this event was a great opportunity to help grow the sport. With the help of former NFL player Richard Bartel, these kids received a fantastic experience which they will hopefully remember for a long time.

Brian Spapens, Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy, International Recruiter:

“The opportunities for young Dutch football players to get coached by players who have performed on the highest level is very rare. To have a former NFL Quarterback in their own backyard is of tremendous value, learning advanced techniques, hearing stories and asking questions to improve their football skills. These kids get inspired by impactful opportunities like this and hopefully will continue their journey in American Football.”

G. Zandonà  – AFBN General Manager

“With the launch of the AFBN Academy, our youth program has made great steps in the last few years. We are now honored to be taking the next step in 2019 by partnering with Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy. The object of this partnership is to provide better technical skills for the youth. Our youth represents the future of the sport and the better they play, the stronger will be the sport in the future. Next to that, partnering with Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy, will provide great visibility for the sport and will turn into growth in the number of players.”

Dr. Mark Bright, Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy, International Director

“Partnering with AFBN to reintroduce the AFBN Academy has been a great opportunity to directly impact the lives of young football players in the Netherlands. It is always fantastic to see the wide-eyed enthusiasm as players are putting on a helmet for the first time. Furthermore, you could really see experienced players flourish under specific position skills training. We look forward to a continued partnership with AFBN to raise the overall level of football in the Netherlands.” 

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