Brazil’s Recife Mariners QB Will Play for Team USA as Wide Receiver

Banks will change his role as quarterback to play as wide receiver in USA National Team. Photo Gabriel Siqueira/Recife Mariners

The Brazilian national team will not face the United States in the first round of IFAF World Championship, however, if the Brasil Onças survive to play the Americans, they will have a familiar face across the line of scrimmage.

Drew Banks, quarterback of the Azuis (Blues in English) of the Recife Mariners, was called to serve as a wide receiver for the USA National Team. Across the field Banks will see coach Lucas Cisneiros, the man who runs the everyday football activities in Recife. The potential confrontation is not a central thought for both of them, but the coach and the player do not deny it has crossed their minds.

“It would be fun and interesting if it did, it sure would be an unusual situation, but it’s something I’m hoping to happen, it would be a completely different and new experience,” said Cisneiros.

Banks prefers to see the other side. For the American it would be the meeting of two places he really loves.

“It would be great to play against Brazil. It’s a place I love and the encounter between the teams would be great. Brazil has great athletes that I respect, and I’m sure they’ll be focused to win the game,” he said.

With so much intimacy between coach and athlete, either side could have advantage in the duel, but both deny this factor. For Banks and Cisneiros, they believe the duel will be equal because they are in different situations then they experienced when Banks was with the Recife Mariners.

“Cisneiros knows me as quarterback and you prepare otherwise to play this position. As receiver you play more physically and not have to worry about reading. You just come and play”, Drew said.

Cisneiros, who knows that Banks’ role with Team USA will be quite different from his role wearing the blue and white in Recife.

“Despite having seen enough as he teaches and plays the receiver position, which is that it will play in the US team, I do not believe that there would be an advantage for us in this regard. The game will be completely different because Dan Hawkins (USA Football Team coach) will use it in a completely different way than we use here. With the national team I also will perform a totally different role than do the Mariners. Hardly what we know each other will make a huge difference directly,” summed Lucas.

Journalist at Futebol Americano Brasil and American Football International. Post graduated in Digital Journalism at Famecos/PUCRS. Former multimedia producer of Locast Project MIT/USA. Former player of Porto Alegre Pumpkins.