Rank Your Europe Top 20!

Help us rank Europe’s best American football clubs

With most all of European club football wrapped up for 2014, we at American Football International have published our Final Rankings for Europe’s Top 20 club American football teams. We have been posting our rankings since the Spring and received plenty of comments both good and critical.

This time though we are giving it a twist.

We want your TOP 20 too and tell us why as briefly as possible.

It’s easy to do.

There are three different ways.

You can:

1. Click here to Rank Your Europe Top 20 Click thru the link and then on edit my rerank and rerank your own TOP 20!

2. Or you can post your TOP 20 on our Facebook Page. Click here!

3. Or send us your TOP 20 to [email protected]

See our final Europe Top 20 below!

OR just tell us in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

 American Football International Europe Top 20 – 11/1/14

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