Ranking World’s Top 200 teams – we need your help

Together with Inside Sport Japan, American Football International is selecting the Top 200 football teams outside the United States and Canada.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been going over records and rosters, perusing information and poring over statistics, contacting players and coaches, to try to put together a list of the best semi-pro/amateur football teams/clubs from countries throughout the world. For various reasons, teams in the USA and Canada are excluded.

Need your help

The task is not easy as most teams do not play in any international tournaments outside of the teams in Europe. So, to help with the accuracy of our Top 200 American football teams in the World, we are asking anyone with playing or coaching experience in two or more countries to send us their Top 50 in Europe, Brazil, Mexico or Australia (Japan is already set) lists.  Or a combination. We’ll choose three entries at random and send them this commemorative Rice Bowl t-shirt.

Deadline Monday, December 30

However, time is short. The Rice Bowl, which determines the overall Japanese championship, is scheduled for January 3, 2020. We plan to post the results on January 4. So get your lists into us by Monday, December 30.

To participate and help us out with this monumental task, send your lists to American Football International’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), to [email protected], or to Inside Sport Japan’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


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