Raptors, Mayas Duel Highlights LFA weekend In Mexico

Mexico’s professional football league features one of the most attractive duels in its second season this weekend: a rematch of the 2016 championship game as the defending champion Mayas take on their 2016 finals opponent, the Raptors.

These two teams played the ‘Tazón México’ last year, the first championship game of the Liga de Fútbol Americano (LFA) which the Mayas won. The Raptors will try to take on revenge this weekend from that time Mayas took the trophy home.

Action from 2016 championship game between the Mayas and Raptors

Eleven months ago, the Mayas emerged as the LFA’s first champions. From the start of the season till the end, the blue and white team dominated the league. In the championship game, the situation did not change at all. The Mayas defeated the Raptors easily by a score of 29-13 at Jesús ‘Palillo’ Martínez stadium in order to win the trophy and become the people’s favorite squad.

Now, the situation is different. The Raptors have started the season by defeating the Condors and Dinos, but in his visit to the north of the country the team lost to Fundidores. Bruno Márquez, the Raptors new quarterback, has had a great season with 9 passes to the end zone and only one interception. Also, defense has become very important for this team achieving crucial turnovers.

On the other hand, the reigning champions didn’t start as strong as everyone expected. The Eagles upset the Mayas in the LFA’s first week and made them look terrible on defense. For the next two weeks, the Mayas found the winning path again defeating the Condors 64-16 and Dinos by a 30-12 final score.

At mid-season, both teams will try to win in order to take the lead of their groups. The other two games will also be really attractive with the Eagles visiting the Dinos and the Fundidores flying for the first time to the center of Mexico to take on the Condors, a couple of squads that need a victory to keep their postseason dream alive.

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