Russia’s SuperLeague’s Rousing Opening Weekend

[tps_title]Volga Division[/tps_title]

Podolsk Vityaz 27 – Moscow Black Storm 0

Russia - Vityaz v. Black Storm2

Another team that switched from ELAF to the Russian Championship this season, Podolsk Vityaz from the Moscow region, hosted the Black Storm from the capital in the final game of the weekend.

Once regarded as one of the top franchises in Russia that won the Championship in 2013 with a roster full of stars from all over the world (they even tried to lure Tim Tebow to play in their Finals against the Moscow Patriots), the Black Storm has been in a state of financial and organizational limbo ever since. With a lot of skill position players leaving for other teams, they now have only one truly strong point left: their dominant and experienced offensive and defensive lines.

However, they didn’t prove to be much of a challenge against Vityaz, who were used to this kind of smash mouth football in the ELAF and were also extremely tough and aggressive at the line of scrimmage. That allowed them to shut down the guest’s offense, while being able to have a very balanced attack of their own, distributing the ball among their weapons very evenly while also adding a defensive touchdown of their own.

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