Red Jerseys vs. White Jerseys: Who’s Going to Win?

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and is due to be played between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots on the 5th February 2017.

Will the Patriots be able to undo a tough Falcons side or will the Falcons be able to run away with the spoils? The color of their jerseys could provide you with the answer already. The Falcons have confirmed to the media and their fans that they will in fact wear their red jerseys, which seems to have surprised a lot of people. Why does the color of the player’s jerseys even matter, if it does at all? Below we’ll have a look at some of the statistics from previous Super Bowls.

Patriots Are Playing in White

The Atlanta Falcons will be playing the game in their favored red jerseys, but according to some people that means they have lost the game already. Why does this even make a difference? It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, but when you look at previous stats from older Super Bowls, it’s clear that the teams playing in white jerseys have always done well. In fact, teams who have been involved in the Super Bowl and have played in white jerseys have won 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls, which could give the Patriots the confidence they need to walk away as champions. It’s an incredible statistic, but it doesn’t really mean a lot and it certainly doesn’t mean the Falcons have lost the game already, and the Patriots will already know it’s not over just because they are wearing white.

Why Did the Falcons Choose Red Over White?

The Atlanta Falcons do not care for the statistic of white jerseys giving teams the advantage and instead they would prefer to get on the pitch and show everybody that red jerseys can also do them many favors. The Falcons are just going to turn up and play their game as they know that will give the Patriots enough work to do alone. The Falcons know that if they can make the Patriots feel like they have won the game already just because they are playing in the famous white jerseys, that will hopefully give them the opportunity to spring a surprise on their opponents and walk away as winners.

Why are White Jerseys Preferred?

It seems that a lot of teams involved in the Super Bowl in recent years have opted to wear white jerseys purely because of the statistic shown above. 11 out of 12 teams have won the Super Bowl when wearing white jerseys, so could it really be the main factor in the result? It’s highly unlikely, but it’s one of the main reasons why these sides have chosen the white jerseys in the hope it will give them the win they desire, and that has happened on multiple occasions.

What do the Bookmakers Think of White Jerseys?

The bookmakers do not really care what the teams wear on the day because quite frankly they already know it’s going to take a lot more than a color of a jersey to win a game of football. They still think the game is going to be very even, and some even suggest the Falcons could easily come out on top of their rivals.

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