Report: NFL owners could shut down training camp if no financial agreement

The NFL and NFL Players Association have yet to come to an agreement on how the coronavirus pandemic will impact player salaries, and the offseason could be in danger of having a significant interruption if the issues are not resolved soon.

NFL owners want an agreement in place by Sunday, which is when the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans are expected to report to training camp. The biggest issue is what the salary cap will look like next season, with the league reportedly seeking a $10 million reduction and players wanting to spread the financial hit out through 2030. According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the NFL could inform teams that virtual workouts will continue indefinitely if an agreement is not in place by this weekend.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post believes that would be the best-case scenario if no deal is in place. According to Mas-ke’s sources, team owners have not ruled out shutting down training camp altogether.

Deadlines are both useful and necessary in labor negotiations, so the information Maske received may have been leaked from the NFL in an attempt to put pressure on the NFLPA. The two sides are on the same page with health and safety protocols, leaving the salary cap as the biggest hurdle.

The NFL has been adamant about proceeding with its offseason as scheduled and beginning the regular season on time, so it still seems likely that an agreement will be reached before Sunday.