Report: Teams believe July 28 will remain start date of training camp

By  Josh Alper

With teams doing no on-field work this offseason, there’s been a lot of talk about how to run training camp in a way that ensures players get the time they need before the start of the regular season. What do the leagues need to do to closer to being ready for soccer and football predictions?

One of the topics of those conversations has been the possibility of opening camp earlier than expected in order to give players more time to reacclimatize themselves. It doesn’t look like that’s how things are going to play out, however.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that multiple teams are proceeding as if the start of camp will be July 28. That’s 47 days before the scheduled start of the regular season for most teams, which is the mandated start time by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Hall of Fame Game is currently scheduled for August 6, but it seems like a stretch that game will be played given the camp start date and overall circumstances. A recent report indicated that the preseason schedule would be reduced to two games to allow teams more time to work on their own and Rapoport adds that is likely to happen.

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