Revealing The Best Supplements For American Football Players

There are few sports more taxing or physically demanding on the body than American Football. You need to push yourself to the absolute limit if you want to really succeed, so how can you make sure that you are doing that in the right way?

In this article, we’re going to reveal the best supplements that you could have on your side, making sure that you are able to deliver both in training and in those key moments of the game where it matters the most.

Do I Need To Take Supplements For American Football?

The first question you really need to be asking yourself is whether or not supplements are going to be right for you in the first place. If you’re just getting into the sport and you don’t have much experience yet, then you might either assume that they are a necessity by default, or that their benefits are exaggerated.

The reality is that nobody should be relying on supplements as their primary source of energy and nutrition. The clue is in the name. Supplements should always be used to “supplement” a healthy and well-balanced diet, from which you should be deriving the majority of your calories, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

You also need to choose the right supplements, so that you are certain that they are beneficial, and are not going to be ineffective or harmful. That’s why you should always carefully consider any supplement before you start taking it, making sure that it is safe, legal, and supported by good scientific research that demonstrates its efficacy.

With all of that being said, the right supplements can make a huge amount of difference, particularly in a high-octane sport like American Football, which relies heavily on a huge amount of very demanding training. They can help you to improve your performance both on and off the field, in a number of crucial ways, including but not limited to:

  • Reducing fatigue, thereby improving cognitive, physical, and technical performance
  • Improving the capacity for high-intensity activity
  • Promoting muscle repair and growth
  • Lowering recovery time
  • Preventing injuries to bones and joints
  • Supporting the health and function of your immune and skeletomuscular systems

The 3 Best Supplements For American Football Players

So, knowing that the right supplements can help you to up your game, you need to know what those supplements are. That’s why we’ve created this run-down of some of the most beneficial options that you might want to choose from – all of which are backed by sound scientific evidence so that you can be sure they really offer what they claim to.

We’re not going to be mentioning protein powder here, since it is technically more of a sports nutrition product than a supplement, but it’s certainly something that you might want to consider alongside these other options!


You will definitely have heard of creatine, and it is one of the most widely researched supplement options on the market. It is usually associated with strength training for people looking to build muscle, but it has also been shown to improve repeated sprint performance by increasing the stores of phosphocreatine in your muscles and reducing recovery times between short bursts of intense activity.

It is generally recommended that you follow a loading protocol of around 4 x 5 g doses/d for 5-7 d, then a daily dose of 3-5 g/d for maintenance. You can also consume creatine post-exercise along with protein and carbohydrates as this will boost your muscle creatine uptake.

For most people, that means taking your creatine supplements before and after training, alongside other sports nutrition or with your main meals for the day.


You might not even think of caffeine as a supplement for sport, since it is so widely recognized and available in general foods and drinks, but research has consistently shown that it helps to improve your ability to perform both mentally and physically, particularly in endurance sports

There are also a number of proven benefits to caffeine that are specifically helpful when it comes to American Football. For example, studies have found that it can enhance your ability to perform sprints and jumps, react with agility, and kick and throw with accuracy.

It tends to have the most impact about 45-60 minutes after consumption, so it is typically best to consume a caffeinated drink, capsule, or gel (usually around 200 mg or ~3 mg/kg BM) during the warm-up before training or just prior to when a game is about to begin.

Whey Protein Powder

Another excellent supplement you’ll want to take as an American football player is whey protein powder.

Whey protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own and must be obtained through diet. Taking one to two servings of whey protein daily will provide your body with nearly 50 grams of protein, significantly boosting your performance. Many athletes take a protein powder for muscle gain since it’s highly effective and natural.

It’s also good to know that it is easily digestible and has been shown to promote muscle growth, improve exercise recovery, and aid in weight loss.

Summary: Supplements For American Football Players

So, what are the best supplements that American Football players might want to consider? Well, three of those that have the most supporting scientific evidence showing their success are caffeine, creatine, and whey protein.

Caffeine can reduce your fatigue and make you sharper in cognition and physical ability, creatine can support muscle growth, reduce recovery times, and enhance physical performance, and whey protein will also help with muscle growth and recovery.

Of course, all of these should be supporting a balanced diet and a healthy training regime – and you may want to consider additional sports nutrition products, like pre workouts, as well.

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