RIP Alexander Akinin

It is with deep regret that we report the death of the Zdolbuniv Eagles defensive back and Ukrainian soldier, 19-year-old Alexander Akinin.

Akinin died in the fighting around Donbas in southeastern Ukraine. The Eagles are members of the Ukrainian American Football League.

The Eagles paid tribute to Akinin on their Facebook page:

“Sasha” was a defender on the field. He was well aware of the basic rule of defense in American football – neither a yard nor an inch given up. Similarly, Alexander was guided by this rule in life and in the war – surrender not an inch of our country to the invader. He was one of the first to volunteer to fight against overwhelming odds in the battle in the Donbas. He fought bravely and selflessly! He is the one through whom our children and women, our families, will live in peace. He is the one who will forever be remembered by his comrades-in-arms. And he is the one who will be revered in stories and legends!

The funeral is scheduled for March 29 in the village of Gidcha Druha in the Rivne region.

Many more American football players turned soldiers are engaged in the battle in the Ukraine.


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