RIP Mathieu Garcia 1987-2020

Our deepest condolences go out to the French-American football community and the family and loved ones of Mathieu Garcia who died suddenly during a game in Nimes, France, Saturday, February 15.

Garcia, who played for the Muret Scorpions, Les Scorpions de Muret, in France’s Division 3, collapsed towards the end of a game between the Scorpions and the Nimes Centurions. Although the first aid crew, local firefighters and an emergency medical team were able to reach him quickly, all efforts to revive him failed. He was pronounced dead on the field shortly before 10 pm.

An autopsy will be performed Monday to determine the exact cause of death but apparently he suffered a heart attack. Garcia was 32 years old.

Condolences have poured in from throughout Europe

The Scorpions wrote a message on their Facebook page:

“Today our hearts are a little heavy. We are still in complete disbelief.
You, our big guy, our compressor roll, our indestructible one that falls in front of us.
You have given so much on and off the pitch for this club, this family…

We will keep from you all the positive you have been able to pass on to us, all that joy of living, that playful smile… We will remember you as the best of us, always heart on hand, ready to give service. We’re gonna remember you like this good guy.

You have left us but you will forever remain in our memories and hearts. When we enter the Scorpions family, we stay there forever.

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye but wherever you are we know that you will tag us, we know that when we look up there you will be there to guide our choices and our steps.

All the Scorpions wish you a good road and don’t fear, we will take care of your bar beautifully, we promise you 🍻

We send our deepest condolences to all your family and loved ones 🙏

We will miss you…

Rest in peace Mathieu #77”


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