RIP – Zach Arms – 1989 – 2019

It is with great sadness that the American football community in China must announce the sudden death of Zachary Levi Arms, player/head coach of the Shanghai Nighthawks, the current champions of the City Bowl League in China.

For the past few years, Zach, a native of Virginia, was one of the most active members of the team. He would routinely travel over two hours every weekend in order to practice and play with his fellow teammates. His American football high school experience, as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of the sport, made him one of the most important assets to the Nighthawk organization and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Being able to help the team strive for and win their 2nd National Championship in his 1st year as a head coach was one of Zach’s happiest moments in China.

His selfless attitude was never more evident than after winning the 2018 China Bowl League Championship:

“This is for our local players, they did the most. I’m happy I was able to help them achieve this”

You could not help but agree with him, although everyone who played with him knew his passion also played into it.

Zach was humble and shared his kindness on and off the field. He even had an impact on the referees. One of the Chinese referees, Chen Wang, recalls:

“I officiated several games (where) Zach played for the past two years, especially the National Championship Game in China last year. I knew him as ‘No.45 the big guy’, he was a very happy guy, never lost his temper during those games.”

The entire Chinese football community will remember him as fierce but fair opponent, and his Nighthawks teammates will remember him as a dear brother

At this time Zach’s family is still collecting donations to help send his body back to the USA. The GoFundme Page will be kept open over the next several days. Link:

Alejandro Cáceres has been an active member in the development of American Football in China. He has been playing football with the Shanghai Nighthawks for the past 7 years and also played for the Tongji University Strikers in the Chinese College