Rosario Samurais Win Argentina’s Federal Bowl III

Last month, the Rosario Samurais, the Rosario State All Star team in Argentina, earned a historic victory at the Club Fabrica de Armas in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina beating the Córdoba Águilas All Star team 20-7 in the third edition of the Federal Bowl (Tazón Federal).

This is the second win by Rosario’s team in the Federal Bowl and the second in a row.

The Samurais scored first getting a field gold in the second quarter from the toe of Javier Mozzi (CB). The Águilas responded with running back Enzo Damato scoring from 10 yards out after getting good field position due to a bad punt by the Samurais and a personal foul.

Rosario then marched the ball into the red zone twice more in the second quarter resulting in another Mozzi field goal. Then quarterback Albano Scorza combined with wide receiver Ignacio Colautti for another touchdown giving the Samurais a 13-7 halftime lead.

Colautti scored again in the third quarter, on a reverse giving the Samuaris the 20-7 win and ending Córdob’s bowl dream .

Keys to the Game: Intensive Rosario defense, especially by the secondary in spoiling Córdoba’s passing game.

MVP: Rosario (Ignacio Colautti) – Cordoba (Enzo Damato).

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