Sarah Philipp: Growing the game her way – one stunning picture at a time

If you follow American football in Europe, you have likely admired Sarah Philipp’s work. The German photographer has made quite a name for herself by becoming one of the top picture takers in Europe’s niche sport. Always with her eye on the next shot, one of Germany’s biggest football photographers still has some learning to do before the 2022 season kicks off.

Felix Nwta in Barcelona Photo: Sarah Philipp

“This off-season I finally tried to learn the rules” Philipp said laughing.

After being introduced to American Football by a friend back in 2010, Philipp has been addicted to roaming the sidelines ever since. This past summer Philipp, like many other summers, spent nearly every weekend shooting multiple games a week throughout Germany. Her work has been popular among both the German Football League and European League of Football fans who love the way she combines both the athlete and human in her work.

“I’m not the normal sports photographer, I’m seeing different things. I took my style and they loved it because it was so different. No one had done it like that before.”

Emory Polley in Helsinki Harbor Photo: Sarah Philipp

Coming from a wedding and family photography background, Europe’s busiest football photographer takes pride in her different style of sports photography. Philipp originally learned photography from her father at the age of ten. After years of shooting family photos, she now balances football and commercial shoots as her business grows. However, after years of taking football pictures as a hobby, the sideline connections are paying off in a big way.

“Now most of my weddings are players and coaches’ weddings. I take family and baby photos for everyone from football. It’s like going to plant a flower. At first you see nothing, but now you see a tree.”

Sarah Philipp at last year’s ELF championship game

Recently Philipp has been on an international tour shooting with the Barcelona Dracs of Spain, Helsinki Roosters of Finland, the Raiders Tirol of Austria, and the Berlin Thunder of Germany. As her skills become in more demand with the growth of American football, expect Philipp to hit the road more often.

“It’s a lot of work, and everyone thinks I’m on vacation. I will be going directly from the airport to practice, doing single players shots, and then the game.”

Emory Polley in front of the Helsinki Cathedral Photo: Sarah Philipp

As the GFL and ELF seasons approach, Philipp is preparing for another active summer of shooting as she was able to visit 40 or 50 games last season. In demand from players and coaches and fans, Philipp work will be once again appreciated by everyone who loves the game in Europe.

” I will try to be at one game every team for at least one game in the ELF”

You can see all of Philipp’s work on her social media or her website.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video of Philipps Barcelona Shoot below.

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