Scammer attacking the American Football League of China

The American Football League of China recently uncovered a huge scam designed to bilk players out of cash and their identities.

A couple of people claiming to be affiliated with the Fudan Dragoons in China (who do not play in any league) are purporting to offer “too good to be true” contracts of up to $9,000 a month plus accommodation and transportation and everything else to play for the team. All they ask is a fee  of $400 for  arranging your visa.

The problem is that teams in the AFLC do not pay players to play! All the teams in the league are amateur club teams. And it does not cost anything to get a visa to China.

The person allegedly conducting this recruiting is Devon Lance and he or she uses several email addresses. In this case it is [email protected]. He also uses basketballconsultant, soccer consultant and it would seem anything possible to scam people. Anyone receiving such as email should ignore it entirely. Delete and do not reply. The other person contacting players is Christian Whyte usually using Facebook. A third contact has been Celestina Shaw, also through Facebook.

Similar scams have been perpetrated in Europe and Great Britain.

The contract looks legitimate.

It is not. None of these people are affiliated with any teams or leagues in China.

So the AFLC urges players and coaches alike to be aware. If anyone has received such an offer or communication contact the American Football League of China Facebook page or AFI. So far of the several players contacted by the scammers, only one has taken the bait and sent off $400.

Remember, there is absolutely no truth to anything these people say.

Be vigilant!! If an offer seems way too good to be true, trust your instincts. It is not legitimate.

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