Schutt introduces revolutionary full-face visor for pandemic football era

Schutt Sports, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of football helmets and protective equipment, has announced that it is manufacturing a new Splash Shield.

The company says that the new product will offer some protection for football players from harmful droplets caused by talking, sneezing and coughing in close proximity.

The lightweight, inexpensive and disposable Splash Shield will easily attach directly to the faceguard and according to Schutt will fit all configurations of football helmets.

Schutt will offer the Splash Shield for purchase by July, both through their dealer network and online.

Kip Meyer, GM for Schutt Sports:

“We need sports to return and this new product will help players in that regard. We are excited to introduce a product that benefits the players, the industry and ultimately, the fans.”

The Splash Shield is made of a clear optical material and has slotted tabs for ease in connecting the product to any faceguard on any helmet. While the Splash Shield will offer some protection, it can only limit exposure to airborne droplets that the athlete encounters during play.

“The debut of the Splash Shield is perfect timing for teams all over the world, and especially in the U.S., as we are preparing to get ready for football season,” Meyer said.

NFL Players Association medical director Thom Mayer said in an interview on The Adam Schecter Podcast that when the NFL returned to action, it was reasonable to expect that players might have to wear some sort of mask that “could cover a player’s entire face,” .

Paul Lukas described the Splash Shield in more detail in an article in Uni-Watch:

• The Splash Shield comes in two separate pieces — one for the upper part of the facemask, like the standard visor and one for the lower part (click to enlarge):



If a player already has a standard visor, he can just use the lower portion of the Splash Shield.

• The splash shield is thinner and more flexible than a standard visor, and also has slots in various locations. Schutt says this allows it to fit virtually any mask on any helmet — not just Schutt helmets.

• The product can be washed and used again, although the press release also notes that it’s “inexpensive enough to be disposable.”

The product will be priced at $14.99 for the three-pack of uppers or lowers, or $24.99 for a three-pack for both pieces.

It seems likely that this type of product — whether made by Schutt, Riddell, Oakley, or whomever — will soon be standard, or even required, on the football field, at least until there’s a vaccine.

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