Limburg Shotguns overwhelm the Groningen Giants for 2nd win in BNL

Losing a starting quarterback to illness is usually an indictment from the first snap. Despite that, the Limburg Shotguns, with backup quarterback Oskar Sardyga leading the team, traveled to play the Groningen Giants in BNL action this past weekend and delivered a stellar performance, leaving with a resounding 51-0 victory.

The Shotguns were precise from the start. On the first offensive drive, Sardyga found wide receiver Quinten Agten for a touchdown. Agten, a Shotgun veteran who has seen reps at wide receiver and kicker, was returning from an injury but clearly, he was ready to make an impact again.

The Shotguns’ first defensive possession was equally effective. They drove Groningen back deep into their own territory, forcing a safety. Agten followed that up by returning the safety punt for a touchdown and Limburg ended the first quarter leading 17-0.

This was just the beginning of the onslaught, though. The Giants could neither string together first downs to build cohesive drives nor make key stops on the other end. Sardyga continued, unbothered by the demands of the starting job. He led the team to two more touchdowns, scored by wide receiver Rob Hermans and running back Jaycen Taylor. Taylor has been on an absolute tear as of late; he had four touchdowns in the Shotguns’ last game.

The game was essentially in garbage time by the start of the second half, and Agten took advantage of it to have a career day. He scored his third touchdown on a throw from Sardyga, extending the lead after three quarters to 36-0.

Despite their best efforts, the Giants were never able to threaten. Hermans logged a second touchdown for Limburg, and a few backups tallied more scores as well. The Shotguns were dominant from start to finish in this 51-0 win.

Limburg Shotguns defense was overwhelming Photo: Limburg Shotguns

Sardyga had an excellent day, throwing six touchdown passes, and for his performance was named “Kompel Player of the Game”.

Michel Eeman, chairman and linebacker for the Shotguns, spoke to the team’s success:

“We had to wait and see whether a long trip would affect our performance, especially since we were missing our starting QB Bram Baeté. However, we can look back on the game with satisfaction and now have a few weeks to prepare for the clash against the Amsterdam Crusaders in our house.”

On April 16th, the Shotguns will host their most anticipated game of the season against the Dutch powerhouse, the Amsterdam Crusaders.