Serbia Getting Set To Kick Off

The top division in Serbia kicks off the 2016 season on March 26-27 with eight teams competing for the title. Will the Novi Sad Dukes repeat their fairytale season or will one of the other seven knock them off? The championship game – the Serbian Bowl –  is scheduled for July 9-10.

Joining the top division in Serbia this year will be the Belgrade Blue Dragons who replace the Cacak Angel Warriors. The seven  other teams vying for the title include the reigning champion GAT Novi Sad Dukes, multi-title holder the SBB Vukovi Beograd as well as the Niš Imperatori, the Kragujevac Wild Boars, the Inđija Indians,  the Pančevo Panthers and the Sirmium Legionaries.

New Import rule

There is a new import rule in the Serbian league this season. The number of non-home-grown players has been reduced from 10 to six, with only four allowed to play in a game. By non-home-grown player is meant a Non-North American player who has played at least one year of American college football. This will have an impact on a few teams. Teams can still carry three import players on their rosters but only two can play in a game.


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Full 2016 Serbian schedule

March 26-27

GAT Novi Sad Dukes v Beograd Blue Dragons
SBB Beograd Vukovi v Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries
Niš Imperatori v Pančevo Panthers
Kragujevac Wild Boars v Inđija Indians

April 9-10

Beograd Blue Dragons v Inđija Indians
Pančevo Panthers v Kragujevac Wild Boars
Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries v Niš Imperatori
GAT Novi Sad Dukes v SBB Beograd Vukovi

April 23-24

SBB Beograd Vukovi v Beograd Blue Dragons
Niš Imperatori v GAT Novi Sad Dukes (April 16-17)
Kragujevac Wild Boars v Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries
Inđija Indians v Pančevo Panthers

May 7-8

Beograd Blue Dragons v Pančevo Panthers
Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries v Inđija Indians
GAT Novi Sad Dukes v Kragujevac Wild Boars
SBB Beograd Vukovi v Niš Imperatori (April 30)

May 21-22

Niš Imperatori v Beograd Blue Dragons
Kragujevac Wild Boars v SBB Beograd Vukovi
Inđija Indians v GAT Novi Sad Dukes
Pančevo Panthers v Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries

June 4-5

Beograd Blue Dragons v Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries
GAT Novi Sad Dukes v Pančevo Panthers
SBB Beograd Vukovi v Inđija Indians
Niš Imperatori v Kragujevac Wild Boars

June 18-19

Kragujevac Wild Boars v Beograd Blue Dragons
Inđija Indians v Niš Imperatori
Pančevo Panthers v SBB Beograd Vukovi
Sr. Mitrovica Legionaries v GAT Novi Sad Dukes

June 25-26


1st place v 4th place

2nd place v 3rd place

July 2-3

Qualification7P vs 2D

7th place v Div. 2 winner

July 9-10

Serbian Bowl

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