Serbia’s Top League Announces 2017 Schedule

Serbia’s top American football league will kick off its 2017 club season the weekend of March 25/26.

Like last season, the league will have eight teams and the championship final – the Serbian Bowl – is scheduled for the weekend of July 8/9.

The Sport klub Prva Liga Srbije (Sport Club First League of Serbia) club selection was based on the placement of the of the clubs in the 2016 season:

  1. Kragujevac Wild Boars
  2. Belgrade SBB Wolves
  3. Novi Sad Dukes GAT
  4. Pancevo Panthers
  5. Belgrade Blue Dragons
  6. Sremska Mitrovica Legionaries
  7. Indjija Meridian Indians
  8. Sombor Celtis

In 2016, the Kragujevac Wild Boars capped a remarkable turnaround season by defeating arch rivals SBB Vukovi 53-29 to capture the Serbian championship for the first time since 2010 and the fifth time overall.


The new member of the top league is the Sombor Celtis team that was promoted after winning the second league of Serbia last season, which, according to the league rules, provided direct placement in the first division.

Nis Imperatori, were relegated after finishing last in the league and will compete in the second division this season.

The Competition System

The competition system is little changed from to last year. All eight teams will play a seven week regular season (as before), but the battle for a berth in the play-offs will be different.

Based on the ranking after seven games played, the first and second placed teams will qualify for the playoffs and earn first round byes. The clubs that occupy positions 3 through 6 qualify for the Wild Card round, where the third place team will face the sixth place team and the fourth place team will play the fifth placed team. The winners of these matches will advance to meet the top two finishers in the semi-finals.

As in prior years, at the end of the season the club that finishes 7th must defend their place in the top division against the second-placed team in the second division. The last placed team (8th) will automatically be relegated from the top league, while the second division champion will be promoted to the top level in 2018.

The Competition Schedule

As already indicated, the first games kick off the weekend of March 25/26.  The regular season will end the weekend of June 3/04. Two weeks later the Wild Card weekend will be held as well as the relegated/promotion match (June 17/18 ). The semi-finals will be held on June 24/25.

Finally, the Serbian Bowl will be played on July 8/9 2017.

League Schedule 2017

MARCH 25/26  Week 1 Wild Boars – Celtis
SBB Vukovi – Meridian Indians
GAT Dukes – Legionaries
Panthers – Blue Dragons
8/9  Week 2 Celtis – Blue Dragons
Legionaries – Panthers
Meridian Indians – GAT Dukes
Wild Boars – SBB Vukovi
15/16 Easter
22/23 Week 3 SBB Vukovi – Celtis
GAT Dukes – Wild Boars
Panthers – Meridian Indians
Blue Dragons – Legionaries
29/30 Week 4 Celtis – Legionaries
Meridian Indians – Blue Dragons
Wild Boars – Panthers
SBB Vukovi – GAT Dukes
MAY 6/7
13/14 Week 5 GAT Dukes – Celtis
Panthers – SBB Vukovi
Blue Dragons – Wild Boars
Legionaries – Meridian Indians
27/28 Week 6 Celtis – Meridian Indians
Wild Boars – Legionaries
SBB Vukovi – Blue Dragons
GAT Dukes – Panthers
JUNE 3/4 Week 7 Panthers – Celtis
Blue Dragons – GAT Dukes
Legionaries – SBB Vukovi
Meridian Indians – Wild Boars
17/18 Wild Card Round
24/25 Semi-Final
JULY 1/2  
8/9 Final

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.