Serbian Champion QB Jammie Blunt Signs With France’s Amiens Spartiates

The Amiens Spartiates who play in France’s Div. 2, have signed quarterback Jammie Blunt for the 2017 season. Blunt helped guide the Kragujevac Wild Boars to the 2016 Serbian championship.

The 6’1″, 210 lb Blunt (Southwestern Oklahoma State University) will join Jared Bradley (Delaware) to help the Spartiates return to the top league of American football in France.

American Football International: How did you come to sign with the Amiens Spartiates?
Jammie Blunt: The Spartiates reached out to me mid November letting me know that they were interested. Everything was pretty much upfront. I told them I wanted to be more than just a import QB wherever I went. I wanted to be that team’s QB. I had a few other teams ahead of them, but I kept them close because of how professional they went about the entire process. After finding out I had won a national championship in Serbia with their ex player Andreas Betza I believe it made the decision a lot more comfortable for both sides. They found out more about Jammie Blunt the person instead of the player.

AFI: How did it feel to win the Serbian championship in your first year playing overseas?
Blunt: To be honest I didn’t know how to feel I just knew we earned it. The crowd, the fans, and the tears in my Serbian teammates eyes actually made it more real. It was great to win a title together as a team instead as individuals I can say. Not a lot of people knew who I was dropping out of college my freshmen year. I earned a little name “Mystery QB” which only gave me a drive to prove myself. Which we did. I was grateful to have great leadership in my corner from Mic Brown, Jabari Harris, and most of all Gabriel Chambers. Gabriel taught me how to adapt and have patience.

AFI: How did you find out about playing football in Europe?
Blunt: During the middle of my first semester in college I knew I had to go. It became too much financially with my parents putting me and my brother through college our freshman year. With teammates later founding out I wasn’t returning our senior Brian Robinson (wide receiver for Wyskzow Rhinos) encouraged me to look into Europlayers.

AFI: Did you get a chance to travel and if so where?
Blunt: No, although I wanted to. I knew I was there for one reason to bring home a championship which meant no days off. I most definitely didn’t want to waste my time and my name.

AFI: What is your impression of football in Europe?
Blunt: It’s humbling to be honest. Here you have guys that learn from YouTube or other foreign players and coaches. And the surprising thing is that they catch on QUICK. Any European player playing American football loves this sport. I believe American international football has potential to compete with the CFL we already taking over the arena football level. With more promotion and sponsors I can’t see how people won’t know about American International Football.

AFI: Do you have any favorite foods you enjoyed in Europe?
Blunt: I must tell you I fell in love with Goulash. My favorite meal when I was in Serbia!

AFI: What do you feel you bring to the Spartiates?
Blunt: Leadership & energy especially at my position. All eyes are on you everyone is either motivated or worried about you. I know how to win and that’s what we need players that will give their all every down and that’s what I give them. Confidence in their self making them believe that they are great. I cannot be a import and not make other players around me better along with the organization. The Spartiates have a true leader and a professional on and off the field.

AFI: What do you expect for the 2017 season?
Blunt: Myself and Jared Bradley are eager to get this club back rocking and rolling in the 1st division. So to say the least Greatness, stay tuned.

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