South Africa set to launch training camps/clinics throughout 2018, need equipment

As American football continues to grow around the world, South Africa has now joined the list of nations looking to establish the game in their own country.

Gridiron South Africa is an organization formed two years ago by Stephen Radebe, aimed at promoting American football and developing it at a grassroots level. With soccer, cricket and rugby the most popular sports, the organization has an uphill battle.

However, with the support of athletes like Olympic silver medalist in the long jump (2008 Olympics in BejingGodfrey Khotso Mokoena, progress is beginning to be made. Mokoena is a high profile name in South Africa and recently volunteered to help generate interest and find sponsors.

Godfrey Khotso Mokoena

In fact, the response to a recent email from Gridiron South Africa was extremely positive.

The organization said in its email they are looking for assistance and support:

“The main purpose of this email is to get assistance, ideas inputs and support in the planning to delivery of multiple training camps in different South African regions in the year 2018. We have made it clear to a number of contacts already that we are still seeking equipment and resource to introduce and further popularize the sport in South Africa and are not yet in a position to fund the developments on our own and therefore reaching out to all who are willing to assist us in any way possible.

We are hoping to host events that would include presentations, seminars, clinics/camps and/or game tours in current locations and new ones. These will be open to candidate school & community team coaches, officials, players and spectators where it permits.”

Gridiron South Africa held camps earlier this year, and the plan is to expand and increase the number of events.

The biggest challenge they have been facing is maintaining players within the teams. Due to the lack of support and recognition for the sport here at present, the organization does not have the financial resources to buy equipment from overseas and also hire quality personnel to take on administration, fundraising and coaching roles.

They have also enlisted the adi of the US Consulate of South Africa.

The bulk of the activities have been centered around Johannesburg but Radebe would like to see it expand to other parts of the country.

For more information or to volunteer assistance and/or equipment please send an email to Gridiron South Africa: [email protected].



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