Spain: Mallorca Voltors stay unbeaten, Osos Rivas dominate in Spanish 3rd weekend of play

By Roberto Arturo

The third week of Spain’s LNFA Serie A may have featured only two games, but they were radically different.

The defending champions, Osos Rivas, rolled to an easy shutout win over the newcomers, the Alcobendas Cavaliers to earn their second win on the season, while the Mallorca Voltors eked out a hard-fought victory over the Zaragoza Hurricanes.

Osos Rivas (2-1) 38 – Alcobendas Cavaliers (0-2) 0

Photo: Roberto Benito Hernández

Even with the suspension of their starting quarterback, Sergio Barbero, the visiting team dominated in every phase of the game. The first quarter ended 14-0, thanks to a rushing touchdown by American running back Ronald Tomasell and a punt return from José Manuel Carrasco. This was followed by two rushing touchdowns from Alejandro Vaquero and a touchdown pass from second-string quarterback Adrian Meléndez to Iván Iordano, to end the first half 35-0.

In the second half, the locals were not successful either. The Osos Rivas continued their dominance, with the defense preventing any scoring, and the offense adding a field goal to the score.

Mallorca Voltors (2-0) 3 – Zaragoza Hurricanes (0-3) 0

Photo: Óscar Quetglas

This was a highly disputed game where the defenses from both teams played lights out football. Several drives ended in turnovers. It wasn’t until late in the game that the legs of quarterback Diego Lliteras put the Voltors in the red zone. Still, a goalline stand by Zaragoza kept the Voltors out of the end zone after three downs. So, with only 13 seconds left on the game clock, and facing a fourth and short, Mallorca kicker Víctor Albarracín booted the ball through the uprights to give his team the win.

The Voltors, with this win, are at the top of the Eastern Conference, while the Hurricanes continue looking for their first victory.

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