Spain: Quarterfinal matchups looming this weekend

The Spanish League of American Football heads into the quarterfinals this weekend with one team already set for the semifinal stage.

The #1 seeded Badalona Dracs took care of business this past weekend when they easily disposed of the #8 Zaragoza Hurricanes 49-0. The Dracs got the early playoff date owing to their ECTC (European Club Team Competition) matchup against the Dacia Vienna Vikings this coming weekend.

Coslada Camioneros #2 – Mallorca Voltors #7

The #2 Coslada Camioneros (7-1) will take on the #7 Mallorca Voltors (4-4) this weekend in a game which should go in Coslada’s favor. The Camioneros had the fourth best offense in the 12 team Spanish league scoring 237 points but tied with Badalona for first in defense, giving up just 66 points in the eight game regular season. Their only loss came at the hands of Osos Rivas, a surprising 34-0 shutout early in the season. They avenged that loss by beating Osos 21-14 six weeks later. The Voltors had an up and down season. Their four wins were against teams with losing records while they were beaten predictably by the Dracs twice and suffered two losses to the Valencia Firebats, one of which was close, 14-13, in the second game of the year, and the other which was a blowout, 33-6, a month later.

Expect Coslada to advance easily.

LG Oled Las Rozas Black Demons #3 – Valencia Firebats #6

The #3 LG Oled Las Rozas Black Demons (7-1) and #6 Valencia Firebats (4-4) will square off in the third quarterfinal and this one as well looks fairly predictable.The Black Demons were semifinalists in 2018 and look primed to advance again. They boast the second best offense having scored 385 points in eight games while they had the second leading defense surrendering an average of 9.8 points a game. However, all their victories but one were against teams with losing records. They did beat the Murcia Cobras handily early on but lost to them later in the year 39-34.  The once mighty Firebats went through a less than impressive season, earning wins against easy prey (twice against the Voltors and twice against the Zaragoza Hurricanes). Their losses were all by at least three touchdowns or more.

This one will go to the Black Demons.

Osos Rivas #4 – Murcia Cobras #5

The final quarterfinal matchup this weekend will be the most interesting and closest as the #4 Osos Rivas (6-2) from Madrid will host the #5 Murcia Cobras (6-2 – 2018 finalists). Osos Rivas had the third leading offense scoring 299 points, and fourth best defense allowing 99 points. Still, their two losses were against the only teams they faced with winning records, the Coslada Camioneros and Badalona Dracs. The Cobras, after opening the season with a bad loss to the Black Demons, steadily improved during the year and were the only team to push the Badalona Dracs, losing 49-26.

This one could go either way, but the Cobras have a slight edge.


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