Spain’s LNFA Serie A kicks off the 2024 American football season in Europe

The highest level of national football in Spain, the LNFA Serie A, kicks off January 13 and will once again have a league of 10 teams, divided into two conferences.

The current champions, LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons, will be in the Center conference along with Osos Rivas, Gijón Mariners, Camioneros de Coslada, and Alcobendas Cavaliers, while the East conference will be made up of Badalona Dracs, Zaragoza Hurricanes, Mallorca Voltors, L’Hospitalet Pioners and Barcelona Pagesos. The Pagesos will make their debut in the top league after being crowned Serie B champions last season.

The regular league will start on the weekend of January 13 and 14, 2024, and will consist of 10 regular season games, winding up on April 6/7.

The two best teams in each conference will qualify for the semifinals, which will be held on the weekend of April 20 and 21, while the last two will have to fight for permanence in a head-to-head tie. The Spanish Bowl, will be played on May 4 or 5.

LG Oled Black Demons – 2023 Spanish Bowl & Copa de Espana Champions – 2023 Record (10-0)

The other Madrid club, the LG Black Demons look to hoist the trophy again this season. Under new head coach Jesús Fernández Pino (former offensive coordinator), the Black Demons have re-signed quarterback Theo Landers for the 2023 season. The team rallied and won the Spanish Cup (No-import tournament) in December led by talented running back Daniel Romeo who won MVP of the game.

Badalona Dracs – Copa de Espana Runner Ups – 2023 Record (8-1)

The Dracs head into 2024 coming off of a second-place finish in Copa de Espana to the Black Demons. The Badalona club does bring back a lot of experience with Spanish quarterback Sergi Gonzalo, 2023 standout import DB Jeremiah Gutierrez, and veteran Spanish players TE Raul Cernuda, DB Jordi Rua, and LB Jordi Posito.

The biggest additions to the league perhaps are also going to be suiting up for the Dracs in All-Europe athlete Alpha Jalloh and DI running back Ra’von Bonner (Illinois & Temple). The two project to be the league’s best American imports with Jalloh’s standout resume in Europe and Bonners nearly 1,000 career rushing yards at the DI level. 

Osos Rivas – Spanish Bowl Runner Ups – 2023 Record (7-3)

Veteran head coach Ricardo Martin, looks to hoist the trophy after falling just short last season as the Madrid-based club is one of the league favorites this season. They return key players such DL Johnny Escobar (Mexico), QB Sergio Barbera (Barcelona Dragons), and Ruben Caja. They also added all ELF pass rusher Alejandro Fernandez to the coaching staff. Recently the Osos Rivas announced they will be bringing back defensive back and running back Ronald Tomasello. The skilled athlete is fresh off of a fantastic season with the Osos Rivas, followed by a championship with the Potsdam Royals in the German Football League.

Gijon Mariners – 2023 Record 3-5

The Mariners go back into the LNFA Serie A returning head coach Daniel Castanon. They also bring back athlete Ruben Quintana, and a group of developing young Spanish players. Fans expect the Mariners to announce an import player later this season.

Camioneros de Coslada – 2023 Record 2-6

Head coach Raul Saavedra leads Camioneros as they hope to take another step forward this season. Key players OL Azael Aseni and DL Sergio Aras will return in player coach roles as they hope to develop a young core of players. 

Alcobendas Cavaliers – 2023 Record 1-7

David Yu returns as quarterback for the Cavaliers after a strong performance in the Copa de Espana throwing for three touchdowns and running in another against the Voltors back in November. Defensively the team also brings back veteran edge defender Leo Rovesti who will also play for the Madrid Bravos this summer in the ELF.

Zaragoza Hurricanes – 2023 Record 4-4

The Hurricanes bring back key Spanish talents in Jamie Pomar as well as ELF veteran offensive lineman Gabriel Rodriguez. Fellow former ELF player Daniel Monfared will also help boost the Zaragoza squad as they hope to make a push for the play offs.

Mallorca Voltors – 2023 Record 4-4

Jesus Sanchez returns to sunny Mallorca to lead the Voltors into another year in the Serie A. Some key Spanish players too watch on this year’s VOltors team are QB Tolo Flaquer, WR Santiago Gonzales, and DB Mattias Rojas. The team also recently announced Polish offensive line import Mateusz Lorek who brings much-needed size and experience to the Mallorca trenches.

L’Hospitalet Pioners – 2023 Record 1-7

The Pioners will be coached by Bertu Fernandez once again, who looks to build up a young team that finished 1-7 last season.  L’Hospitalet have been busy in the off-season adding several new Spanish players including OL Javier Uvida, DL Giani Versace, and DL  Eduardo Cornielle. They also bring back UK DL Peter Vincent. Two new foreign imports are Belgian running back Thomas Davies of the Brussell Black Angels and Brazilian linebacker Victor Villaca who has experience playing for the Telfs Patriots in the Austrian Football League. The Pioners will be quarterbacked by American Robert Carter who was outstanding for Germany’s Franken Knights last season.

Barcelona Pagesos – Serie B Champions

Another Barcelona team enters to the LNFA Serie A as the Pagesos move up to the country’s top domestic league after winning Serie B last season. They return a solid group of players from their championship roster, as well as adding American defensive back Joshua Green (UVA-Wise NCAA DII)

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