Spanish Bowl XXX: Las Rozas Black Demons QB Theo Landers ready to repeat

Las Rozas Black Demons quarterback Theo Landers finds himself in a unique position as he prepares for the Spanish championship game Saturday against arch rivals, Osos Rivas.

The young Canadian from Burnaby, BC is playing in his second straight title game with the same team and in the same league. For an import, this is highly unusual as most quarterbacks tend to switch countries on a regular basis. However, for Landers, who guided Las Rozas to their first ever title in 2023, this is only natural. According to him, he has built livelong friendships with his teammates and found himself getting more comfortable living in a different culture while also continuing to learn Spanish.

Still the task at hand is to win another championship and to that end he is definitely putting the work in. The University of Guelph graduate took time to speak with AFI about the season and preparations leading up to the big game.

Watch the Spanish Bowl live. Oso Rivas vs Las Rozas Black Demons, May 4, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT).

AFI: How would you describe your individual season as defending Spanish champion and the team’s season as a whole this year?

Landers: I’m proud thus far with my individual success this season, I feel I’ve done my job well in terms of facilitating the ball to all the weapons we have. The team’s success as whole has been great thus far but it is yet to be complete, all of our goals is to win the Spanish Bowl. We use the 1 loss to Osos as a learning experience and fuel for the upcoming championship.

AFI: What aspects of the game do you think will be the keys for victory?

Landers: I think winning/controlling the turnover margin will be the key to winning the championship.

AFI: As quarterback, how have you been preparing for this game, especially with having seen this defense twice already and having played them in last year’s Spanish Bowl?

Landers: I’ve been re watching our previous games against Osos this year and some of their previous games (Pioners semifinal game) to prepare for the championship. Looking at their tendencies and which matchups I think will be advantageous for us. In addition to that, watching our own practices throughout the week and focusing on how we can better execute our game plan.

AFI: As someone who’s in your second season overseas with the same team, how has the experience been compared to your expectations going into the season?

Landers: My experience this year compared to last year has been quite the same, a great experience! My understanding of Spanish has increased and that has allowed me to be more comfortable living in the culture here and getting to know my teammates better.

AFI: What’s been your favorite part about your season with the Black Demons?

Landers: My favorite part about the season with the Black Demons is the time spent with the guys outside the football field. Whether that’s joking around before our meetings or having laughs at the bar after games. I’m grateful to say that I’ve made some lifelong friends with the guys on the Black Demons.

Watch the Spanish Bowl live. Oso Rivas vs Las Rozas Black Demons, May 4, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT).

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