Spanish National League heading into home stretch

The Spanish National League of American Football (Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano) heads into the home stretch of the 2024 regular season this weekend with eight of the 10 teams in action..

Three of the four games on tap for this weekend will be livestreamed. Madrid’s Osos Rivas will take on the Gijon Mariners while the L’Hospitalet Pioners in Barcelona will host the Mallorca Voltors, with both games set for March 16. On Sunday, March 17, the basement dwelling Barcelona Pagesos will host the unbeaten Badalona Dracs. In the lone unstreamed game, the Alcobendas Cavaliers will be at home on Saturday March 16 to the undefeated Las Rozas Black Demons.

Osos Rivas @ Gijon Mariners

The Osos Rivas (4-1) will take the five hour bus ride to Gijon to face the Gijon Mariners (2-4) Saturday, March 16. Osos Rivas won the first game between these two teams earlier in the year by a score of 41-21.

Watch the game live here. Osos Rivas @ Gijon Mariners, March 16, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 11 am ET).

Mallorca Voltors @ L’Hospitalet Pioners

The L’Hospitalet Pioners (4-2) will play host to the Mallorca Voltors (3-2), Saturday March 16. These two teams played each other once before this season with the Pioners coming out on top 13-7.

Watch the game live here. Mallorca Voltors @ L’Hospitalet Pioners, March 16, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 11 am ET)

Badalona Dracs @ Barcelona Pagesos

The Barcelona Pagesos (0-6) are at home Sunday, March 17 when they face the Badalona Dracs (5-0) in a crosstown rivalry matchup. Badalona won the first game between these two back on January 27, 50-7.

Watch the game live here. Badalona Dracs @ Barcelona Pagesos, March 17, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 7 am ET).

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