Stats leaders in German Football League could go wire to wire

With one weekend remaining in the 20-week German Football League regular season the leaders in the four key individual categories have not changed and three of the four have led since the opening weekend.

The Dresden Monarchs still have leaders in the receiving (Mitchell Paige) and tackling (AJWentland) categories and will need both to perform as they wind up their season in a battle for first place against the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions this weekend.

German Football League rushing leader, Potsdam Royals RB Tyvis Smith, has finished his season as the Royals suffered a disappointing loss to the Cologne Crocodiles. Smith will likely retain his commanding lead which he took over at mid-season.

The league’s leading passer, Justin Sottilare of the Allgäu Comets, who has held the top spot the entire season, is hanging on but it remains to be seen if he can finish the season on top.

The  Potsdam Royals have 4 players among the Top 5 in 4 categories to lead the league. The Dresden Monarchs three players among the Top 5 in 4 categories. Following them with two are the  Allgäu Comets, Marburg Mercenaries and Munich Cowboys. The Cologne Crocodiles, Stuttgart Scorpions, Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, Hamburg Huskies, Berlin RebelsFrankfurt Universe and Braunschweig New Yorker Lions have one each.

The absences are the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, Hildesheim Invaders, Kirchdorf Wildcats and Ingolstadt Dukes who do not have any players on the lists.


Despite throwing for a mere 22 yards in a win against the Munich Cowboys, Allgäu Comets QB Justin Sottilare stills leads the German Football league in passing with 3,939 yards and 41 TDs. Sottilare has set a record for passing attempts in a game (84), and still leads the GFL in average yards per game with 303.. Trenton Norvell of the Dresden Monarchs keeps creeping closer after throwing for 313 yards in a win over Hildesheim. He holds on to 2nd with 3,721 yards and a league-best 43 TDs. Munich Cowboys QB Trenton Miller is still 3rd with 3,288  yards. Austin Gahafer of the Potsdam Royals has finished his season with 2,968 yards passing and 38 TDs and is 4th. Braunschweig New Yorker Lions QB Jadrian Clark is 5th with 2,957 yards and 37 TD passes.


Mitchell Paige of the Dresden Monarchs continues to top all receivers in Germany and has caught 114 passes for 1,777 yards and a league-leading 22 TDs. He had another great game last week against the Hildesheim Invaders catching 9 passes for 131 yards and 1 TD.  Allgäu Comets WR Jordan Paul is still 2nd with 1,198 yards while  Frankfurt Universe WR Tim Thomas holds onto 3rd with 1,144 yards. Frederik Myrup-Nielsen of the Potsdam Royals is 4th with 1,111 yards while Kai Silbermann of the Munich Cowboys is at #5 with 1,082 yards.


Tyvis Smith of the Potsdam Royals has finished his season with 1,497 yards rushing and will be hard to dislodge. He had 100 yards in a disappointing loss to the Cologne Crocodiles but will no doubt finish as the 2018 rushing leader in the German Football League.  Hamburg Huskies RB Colby Goodwyn has moved up into 2nd and now has 1,129 yards while Cologne Crocodiles RB Shayeen Edwards is now 3rd and has 1,051 yards and 10 TDs. Berlin Rebel’s Dutch RB Sean Richard is now 4th with 921 yards and 12 TDs after a 177 yard outing against Hamburg while Giacomo DePauli of the Stuttgart Scorpions has dropped to 5th with 861 yards.


AJ Wentland of the Dresden Monarchs continues to lead the league in tackles by a wide margin and  now has 169 tackles in 13 games. He has had 3 games of 20+ tackles.Neil Howey of the Marburg Mercenaries stays 2nd, now with 137 tackles. Demetrius Steed of the Potsdam Royals is in 3rd with 122 tackles while Kiel Baltic Hurricanes LB Thiadric Hansen is 4th with 102 tackles. Marburg Mercenaries LB Peter Jinkens has climbed up into 5th with 98 tackles after an 11 tackle performance last week against the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns.

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

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