The Top 5 Most Hilarious Super Bowl Prop Bets in History

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and certainly the biggest in the USA, and not just for one reason. The biggest match of the season is followed by a star studded half time show every year and companies from all branches pay millions of dollars for short commercial before, during and just after the match.

Of all the companies involved with Super Bowl, the profits are probably the highest for gambling companies such as Bet365 USA. With the sports betting now getting legalized in more and more states, there is no telling just how big the legal betting market might become in the coming years.

One of the most interesting connections between sports betting and Super Bowl is the amount of hilarious prop bets that people like to make on this particular event. The bookies absolutely love to give their players a chance to bet on some truly outstanding markets and with Super Bowl being such a holiday nation-wide, many punters actually tend to take these bets out of gist.

We take a look at five of the silliest prop bets offered for previous Super Bowls and just what we might expect for the ones to come and what the odds were for this year’s most popular bets. Everything from the first commercial to Donald Trump’s Twitter action is on the list, so keep reading and get ready for some serious laughs.

Number #1: The First Person to Be Thanked by the MVP

We all love watching the entire show and the post-game speeches can be just as fun as the other parts. This year, the bookies offered players an opportunity to bet on who the MVP will thank first in his speech, with options ranging from teammates and coach to God, the owner and not thanking anyone at all.

The options to thank God or his teammates seemed the most probably beforehand, but regardless of which option you went with, the facts are that this is one interesting and completely provisional bet. After all, it is really hard to predict what one might say in a speech, or even which player will win the MVP in the first place, so if you went with this one, we commend your bravery.

Number #2: The Number of Donald Trump Tweets

Donald Trump is certainly not your everyday president as his entire career has been riddled with scandals and hilarious anecdotes that you simply couldn’t invent even if you wanted to. One of his favorite weapons against all his enemies has long been Twitter, which he uses religiously to criticize his political and other opponents and even make threats to other nations.

This was not the first year that the bet was offered, but the line was moved up to 13.5 this year as the president’s Twitter game has seen quite an uptick lately. The bet pertains only to the tweets on the day of the game and considering how vocal Trump has been regarding the NFL ever since his debacle with the New Jersey Generals, the bet was never going to be a safe one either way.

Number #3: A Player to Finish with 69 Yards

The nature of this bet may seem a bit childish at first, but with the bet paying at +690 exactly and players finishing with exactly 69 yards in the past, it was as legitimate as any other. Who exactly came up with it is not clear, but one bookmaker decided to offer this very provocative number of yards as one of the potential prop bets.

Statistically speaking, anywhere between 5 and 10 players can finish a Super Bowl in the 60 to 100 yards range, which means there is some possibility of one of them ending at 690 exactly. Regardless of the statistics, the bet was perhaps not the most reasonable to offer considering the wide audience that observes Super Bowl.

Number #4: The First Company to Air a Commercial

Commercials are a big part of the Super Bowl experience as companies spend millions purchasing advertising minutes during the match and make up hilarious and unique commercials every year that are only used for this single occasion.

This year, some of the companies with commercial slots included Budweiser, Coca Cola, Hyundai and KIA and people could bet on which one of them goes first in terms of commercials. Another fairly ridiculous bet considering the fact that there is no telling who could go first and such information is not available to the public beforehand in any way. This bet is likely to stay active for future Super Bowls considering just how much attention people give to the commercials part of the show, so doing some research certainly couldn’t hurt you.

Number #5: Player to Leave the Field due to a Concussion

While most of the other prop bets you could make on Super Bowl are in good gist, this one simply goes a bit too far. Betting on any player to have a concussion is certainly not in the spirit of the game and even talking about the possibility really doesn’t seem to fit the whole holiday atmosphere related with the match.

The particular bet that was offered by one bookmaker was for a player to leave the field and not come back on due to experiencing the symptoms of a concussion. It has happened in the past and it may happen again as football is quite a rough sport at times, but we certainly hope that if you placed a bet on this one, it was on such an even not happening.

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