Sweden: Göteborg Marvels are the New Kids on the Block in 2018

The 2018 Super Serien season is almost here! That means the preseason is full of hype and expectations. Today I want to add fuel to the fire as I take a look at the newest team to the Super Serien, the Göteborg Marvels. For pure entertainment purposes, I have nicknamed them the “New Kids on the block” after the popular boy band of the late 80’s (Yes, I’m dating myself). The recently promoted team is not to be taken lightly as they are all-in on competing for a championship this season.

I was recently asked “Are the Göteborg Marvels in the top league in Sweden? With the Crusaders and Black Knights? I’ve never heard of them”. Anyone outside of the Swedish football community would have the same questions that I was asked. It’s a great way to explain what type of team the Marvels are looking to be this season, a NEW Super Serien contender. Just like the original NKOTB, the Marvels have worked hard to get where they are, but this season will be their introduction to the world!

The Marvels are new to the Super Serien this year, but not new to winning! Göteborg suffered only a single loss last season, on their way to winning the Division 1 Championship. The team comes into this season with a great deal of confidence in their team and their ability to compete with the best teams in Sweden.

Offensively, the Marvels will continue to run the system that was implemented during their Division 1 Championship season. The continuity of the offensive scheme will help the Marvels focus on improvement from last year instead of learning new concepts. The team has decided to add new tag words and terminology to make the offense more flexible and adjustable for the Super Serien defensive competition.

A key to the Marvels aspirations this season will be the play of their skilled players. Quarterback Jonathan Andersson will lead an impressive offensive that has added players from all over Sweden as well as retaining core players from last year’s team. The wide receiving corps will be led by Aleksander Tornovic and Oscar Whalberg, with Ville Olsson playing the athlete role as both a running back and slot receiver. The Marvels are also excited to have Swedish All-Star and NCAA Division 1 athlete, Olle Norberg, to anchor the offensive line that looks to protect Andersson and lead the way for American running back Gerard Johnson. Johnson will have a major impact on the Marvels offense this year. The running back is very quick and quite shifty, as you can tell from his film. As both a runner and pass-catcher, Göteborg plans to utilize the mismatches Johnson is sure to create all season long. As I’m writing this article, the Marvels have just signed Alpha Jalloh who helped the Crusaders win the Super Serien last year. If you watched the league last year, you know what Alpha is capable of as both an offensive weapon, and defensive play maker. The Marvels offense is ready to explode onto the scene this year in the Super Serien.

Alpha Jalloh will most likely lead a very hungry and aggressive defense for the Marvels. The defensive unit will be expected to set the tone as the team proves it is a Super Serien caliber team. Linebackers Jacob Rosén and Joshua Akena are big-time playmakers against both the run and pass game. Defensive back Tobias Asp will be assisting Jalloh in the secondary, while defensive lineman Dan Jörneklint should lead the defensive front for the Marvels. If the saying is true, defense wins championships, then the Marvels are definitely building a championship team.

The Göteborg Marvels have worked very hard this off season to prepare for the leap into the Super Serien. The team has gotten faster, stronger, and smarter. The organization has invested in quality imports, and recruited some of the best domestic players in Sweden as well. The Marvels might be new to the top league, but the team knows what it takes to win and is prepared to do so this season.


Here is what Marvel’s signal-caller, Jonathan Andersson, had to say about the upcoming season.


“We’ve added some imports and players from other clubs in Sweden that I really thing can get our offense to the next level. I believe the key to success in the Super Serien for us, is to trust the guy next to you and believe in what we’re trying to do offensively. I expect us to compete with the top teams in the league.”

Perfect Pervis is a football enthusiast from Texas City, Texas. Perfect currently resides in Finland, playing & coaching American Football and writing a blog about the football culture in Europe.