Sweden sets preliminary fall schedule for 2020

The Swedish American Football Federation, SAFF,  has drawn up a preliminary schedule for a potential fall season depending on the situation.

SAFF had originally announced that the season would be postponed until August 15 at the earliest.

According to SAFF, based on the current rate of spread of COVID-19, a working group made up of members of the federation board and administration as well as the competition committee and the legal committee have been working to determine the best possible scenario for holding games.

Based on these discussions and after consulting with the teams, two schedules have been drafted. The first will commence on August 22 and will involve a six round season, semifinals and a final. The second would start on September 12 with fewer

In the event that government restrictions remain in place, the federation will decide no later than June 30 whether the regular season should instead commence on September 12 or if it should be canceled altogether.

The schedule, which is subject to change basically at any time, is cited in weeks. Here is how it breaks down:

Week 34 is the week of August 15, with game day being Sunday, August 22. That kicks off six straight Sundays of games with one break preliminarily scheduled between the final regular season round and the start of the playoffs, the Sunday of Week 41, October 11.

The Swedish championship game is scheduled for Sunday, October 25.

Carlstad Crusaders head coach Billy BD Kennedy, who is also the head coach of the national team, understands the dilemma:

“The biggest challenge is having all the teams, men, women, junior and youth, practicing and playing at the same time. That could become a logistical problem. Many of the coaches for the various youth and even women’s teams are players or coaches from the men’s team, so a conflict in games could cause a youth team, for instance, to have to play without their coach. But in these crazy, uncertain times, there is no ‘right’ solution.

“Still, it is great the the federation and clubs are all working proactively to help our sport come out of the pandemic in the best possible position to continue to grow and compete.”

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