Sweden: Defending champion Stockholm Mean Machines sign WR/DB Alpha Jalloh

Swedish reigning champions, the Stockholm Mean Machines, have signed wide receiver/safety Alpha Jalloh for the 2019 season.

The 6’2″. 205 lb native of Anapolis, Maryland spent the 2018 season with the Göteborg Marvels in the Swedish Superserien where he finished as the fourth leading receiver in Sweden with 550 yards receiving, despite not having a true starting quarterback all season. He had originally signed with the Thonon Black Panthers in France but left after a contract issue with the club. He spent the 2017 season playing with the Swedish champion Carlstad Crusaders where he helped the team win its eighth consecutive Swedish championship, scoring two touchdowns in the title game. As a two-year starter at Liberty (NCAA Div. I, FCS) he earned All Big South honors in 2016. Over the course of his three seasons he recorded 100 tackles and in his first year, 2014, he had over 400 yards in kick off returns.

Jalloh’s career highlights at Liberty included: 

  • All Big South Defensive Back (2016)
  • Led safeties in interceptions (2015)
  • Led team in KOR yards (2014)

Key plays at Liberty:

  • Touchdown against Virginia Tech (ACC) (2016)
  • Didn’t allow a completion vs. West Virginia (Big 12) (2015)
  • ESPN top plays -interception vs So. Illinois (2015)
  • 70 Yard kick-off return vs Villanova in FCS playoffs (2014)
  • Interception vs North Carolina (ACC)(2014)

What enticed you to return to Sweden for a third season and with the Mean Machines?

Jalloh: I love Sweden, it has become home to me.  The Mean Machines becomes my third team, and now I not only have to live in a big city and in the capital but also play in a professional environment, which is not always the case in American football in Europe. I am also familiar with OC Fred Armstrong, who I think is a brilliant offensive coach with a great knowledge of the game. I am convinced that he can help me, and the others in the team, to new levels. Also the fact that Stockholm will be playing international games was a big factor for me.

How would you compare football in Sweden to the rest of Europe?

Jalloh: I can only compare it to my brief time in France last year. But I think that Swedish football players are very disciplined and have a solid understanding of the game and truly understand TEAM. That is important to me.

Were you considering other teams?

Jalloh: I was being recruited by Finnish teams as well as a number of European teams, but as I said before, I like Sweden.

What are your plans for the future?

Jalloh: I want to help young players develop and get to school in the United States. I would really like to leave a legacy in Europe of growing the game and the players>

Highlights with Goetborg Marvels

Highlights with the Carlstad Crusaders

Highlights from Liberty University

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