Sweden: The Uppsala 86ers are Back to the Basics

By Perfect Pervis

The Uppsala 86ers were a playoff team in the Super Serien last year, but seem to be counted out before the 2018 season even begins. NOT SO FAST! The 86ers have one goal in mind for this season, a championship title. To accomplish this goal, the Uppsala team has focused on returning to the fundamentals of football: Back to the Basics.

The team that was ousted in the first round of the playoffs was riddled with injuries and lacked strength in the trenches (offensive and defensive lineman). Head Coach Moe Kadkhodai has made it a point of emphasis to remedy those issues. The 86ers have spent their entire offseason getting stronger and in better shape to prevent the major injuries they suffered last season.

The team has also added much needed personnel to the roster. In addition to these changes, Uppsala has rearranged their coaching staff as well. Otto Möller will be the defensive coordinator, assisted by Gustav Kierebinski, head coach Moe Kadkhodai will also be the offensive coordinator, assisted by Henrik Green.

Offensively, the 86ers plan to have more explosive plays this year, and have added the right players to make it happen. Quarterback John Rock will oversee spreading the ball to the trio of wide receivers Stefan Galweski, Isac Wikman, and Mattias Gauthier. Together, this group will be responsible for making opposing defenses respect the 86ers offensive attack. Australian lineman Jackson Broe and Brendan Oswin will help add strength up front.

The 86ers are looking to be dominant on the defensive side of the ball, starting with the lineman. The “Norrland Dream Team” has been put together, consisting of Fredrik Zetterland, Johan Markström, and Filip Palmqvist. It is easy to assume that these three talented guys will make things difficult for an opposing offense to be successful. Also, veteran defensive back Cristoffer Dessezar will return and lead a very talented secondary for the 86ers.


Here is how defensive back Cristoffer Dessezar and head coach Moe Kadhodai feel about the upcoming season.

Photo Credit: Yamamoto Shinji

Cristoffer Dessezar, defensive back:

“Off the field I feel like for the first time in my time in 86ers we have the right coach at the right place across the board! There are pretty much nowhere we lack knowledge and experience and that is really gonna help the team. It seems like most of the “experts” in Sweden count us out and I’ve seen people rank us last in the series. And to be perfectly honest I love that. Being the underdog really gets me fired up and I can’t wait to prove people wrong.”

Photo Credit: Yamamoto Shinji

Moe Kadkhodai, head coach:

“Biggest emphasis this season has been to work on our strengths. We want to put the players in the best situations to win their battles and to do that we need to have done our homework as coaches. So, a lot of work on the coaching staff to get us working better together. For the players, we are making it a bit simpler. All we expect from them is to win the Battle the are faced with and the way to do it is to teach them Tackling and Blocking. The team who tackles and blocks the best wins in the end.”

Reprinted by permission. Read the original story in Swedish Football Network.