Sweden’s Top 25 players picked by Pro Football Sweden

Pro Football Sweden has spent the last month picking their selections for the Top 25 players in Sweden for 2019.

Every day since the beginning of December, they have revealed the name of each player culminating with their number one pick unveiled on December 25.

While not everyone will agree with their choices and argue that they have omitted some players, the list makes for an interesting debate. One of the criteria was that the player had to have played in Sweden this past season, thus eliminating names like quarterback Dennis Isberg, who played in Norway.

No matter what you think of this list, it makes for worthwhile discussion.

For a complete rundown, and explanation, check out Pro Football Sweden’s Facebook page.

Let the debate begin

Pro Football Sweden's Top 25 Swedish Players

1Malcolm Engström Def. LinemanStockholm Mean Machines
2Olof Flemström Def. LInemanCarlstad Crusaders
2Eric BlomgrenOff. LinemanStockholm Mean Machines
4Christian KuylenstjernaLinebackerCarlstad Crusaders
5Nicholas Peterson CornerbackStockholm Mean Machines
6Eric MurphySafety/LineabckerÖrebro Black Knights
7Cristoffer DessezarArlanda Jets
8Pär Lindelöf
Wide receiverStockholm Mean Machines
9Kevin BörszeiWide receiverCarlstad Crusaders
10Markus WestmanLinebackerStockholm Mean Machines
11Joshua AkenaRunning backStockholm Mean Machines
12Filip JönssonLinebackerÖrebro Black Knights
13Emil KnutssonRunning backCarlstad Crusaders
14Isac WikmanWide receiverUppsala 86ers
15 Robin JuhlinWide receiverCarlstad Crusaders
16Jonathan Gihl.Running backKristianstad Predators
17 Fabian SöderbergDefensive backUppsala 86ers
18Philip JuhlinQuarterbackCarlstad Crusaders
19Denny JohnDefensive backStockholm Mean Machines
20Jakob GoreckiDefensive endStockholm Mean Machines
21Viktor EkbergQuarterbackArlanda Jets
22Marco GuddingOff. LinemanCarlstad Crusaders
23Robin Gavelin-MirandaWide receiverStockholm Mean Machines
24Johannes NilssonRunning backUppsala 86ers
25Robin PrevolnikLinebacker Stockholm Mean Machines


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