Sweden’s top defensive lineman headed to Finland’s Helsinki Roosters

The top defensive lineman in 2017 in Sweden and the Swedish Superserien’s 2016 MVP, defensive lineman Olof Flemström of the Carlstad Crusaders, is joining  Finnish defending champions the Helsinki Roosters for the remainder of Finland’s Maple League season.

The Crusaders won the Swedish title for the eighth straight time earlier this month. Flemström anchored a defensive front seven that dominated the league in 2017 allowing an average of only 23 yards rushing and 6.7 points per game.

Helsinki currently sits atop the Finnish standings with a 7-1 record.

Roosters head coach Marquette Floyd is exited to get 2016 and 2017 Swedish Superserien’s defensive line MVP on his team.

“Olof is a big win for us; he is the one of the best athletes in Europe. Any time you can get a guy like that on your team, you can’t help but be excited for what he can do. We are excited for him to join us and get to work.”

Olof Flemstrom was a force during Swedish semifinals vs Uppsala 86ers Photo: Hans Cullberg

Roosters defensive coordinator Kari Titola is also delighted about Flemström’s signing.

“Olof will be very big influence on our interior defensive line. He is a playmaker in the true sense of the word. He will have to be counted for by the opponents, same as Okko Outinen as a defensive end. This will open more plays for everyone, because not all of them can be double teamed.”

The Roosters Pekka Lylyharju asked Flemstrom his thoughts on playing in Finland for the rest of the year.

Roosters: What are your expectations for Maple League games compared to Swedish Superserien games?

Flemström: I expect more competitive games in the Maple League. The Swedish league hasn’t been that competitive the last few years. We haven’t lost a single game in the Swedish league in 2 seasons.

Roosters: You have played a long season already in Sweden. Do you have any power left to play the rest of Finnish season?

Flemström: I have more than enough energy to compete in Finland!

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