Swedish Superserien kicks off shortened season

The Swedish Superserien kicks off its 2021 season with a much shortened schedule and four teams vying for the title.

The Carlstad Crusaders return to defend their 2020 title and will compete against arch rivals the Stockholm Mean Machines, as well as the  Örebro Black Knights and Uppsala 86ers.

This year’s schedule has been drastically shortened after being postponed originally from a May 1 start. The four teams will play just one game against each opponent in a season which will last for one month. The Swedish championship game is scheduled for July 10.

Carlstad Crusaders: 2020 Record 6-2 – Swedish Champions

Head coach: BD Kennedy

Key returning players: LB Mattias Eriksson (Wilfrid Laurier University), DB Darius Lewis (NAU NCAA D1 FCS), WR Robin Juhlin, WR Kevin Börzsei, OL Niklas Johansson, OL Robert Heed, OL John Lindren.

Key Additions: QB Timothy Morovick joins the Crusaders after spending 2020 with the Stockholm Mean Machine,(Wroclaw Panthers, Aahrus Tigers), Pierre Courageux (French) (2020-2019 Copenhagen Towers, 2018 New Yorker Lions, 2017 Helsinki Roosters, 2016 Seinajoki Crocodiles), WR Strahinja Stepovic (Serbian Kragjuvac Wild Boars).

Stockholm Mean Machines: 2020 Record 6-2 – Swedish Finalists

Head coach: Fredrik Pilbäck

Coaches: OC/WR Matthew Retlzaff, RB Kim Taalbi, OL Keith D. Taylor, DC Raine Vasanoia, DL Stefan Björkman, LB Henrik Ridder, DB Isak Malm, ST Oscar Bride

Key returning players: DB Omar Fall, OL Adam Fondak, WR Ludvig Myrén, WR Mattew Retzlaff

Key Additions: QB Brett Hunchak (Canadian, York University),  LB Nikolas Knoblauch (German, Schwabisch Hall Unicorns), OL Moritz Schreiber (German, Schwabisch Hall Unicorns), DT Alexander Kress (German, Schwabisch Hall Unicorns), WR Anton Jallai (Swedish).

 Örebro Black Knights: 2020 Record 3-4

Head coach: Sam Eisenstadt (C/DC/DB)

Coaches: OC Johan Stål, DB Josh Murphy, RB Erik Törnblom.

Key returning players: DL Sebastian Nilsson, LB Filip Jönsson, DB Eric Murphy, LB Rikard Carlsson, RB Kasper Wedberg and DL Ali Chakkour.

Key additions: QB Trevor Vasey (American, Assumption College, NAIA, Dusseldorf Panthers 2019, 6 games), OL/DL Martin Jäppinen (back from injury), OL Oscar Sundqvist, RB Kasper Wedberg, OL Sebastian Nilsson.

Uppsala 86ers: 2020 Record 0-7

Head coach: Fabian Söderberg

Key returning players: Josh Akena LB/RB 2020 with 86ers, SMM Wasa Royals, RB Oscar Nevermann (North Dakota NCAA D1 FCS, Frankfurt Universe 2019), QB/OC Gustav Bowall (U19 national champion), WR/DB Niko Peterson (WR/DB Swedish National team, Wasa Royals, SMM).

New addition: QB Viktor Wessberg ( RIG Sweden Football Academy).

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

Research: Alex Malchow

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