Switzerland sets fall league schedule

The Swiss American Football Federation, SAFV, held a video conference meeting this past weekend and set a fall playing schedule for those teams who wish to participate.

As a result, pending the decision of the government health authorities, there will be a Swiss American football season kicking off August 15 involving eight teams divided into two regional groups, East and West. This was done to cut down on travel costs.

The participating teams are from the National League A: Basel Gladiators, Calanda Broncos, Winterthur Warriors, Zurich Renegades. The other four teams come from National League B: Argovia Pirates, Luzern Lions, St. Gallen Bears, and Thun Tigers

Two of the top teams in Switzerland, the Geneva Seahawks and Bern Grizzlies, have opted out of this competition and elected to play their own schedule.

All the games will be played without import players. The only non-Swiss players allowed will be European players already on the roster.

Geoff Buffum, head coach of the Calanda Broncos, is happy to be back on the field:

“I’m really glad we get to play finally. I know the players, particularly the veterans, are disappointed that Geneva and Bern won’t be playing. Still, the young guys will get a chance to shine and develop.”

The teams will play one home and one away game within the group. The final pairings will be determined in a semi-final (east vs west). It is planned that the first games will take place on August 15 and the final in October. The location of the final is currently still undecided. Several teams have already volunteered to host this game.

SAFV’s Technical Director, John Jordan, has made it clear that he will optimally coordinate the senior’s games to the U16 and U19 games. This means there could even be triple headers.

Since as of this week, full-contact practices are allowed in Switzerland, the teams will have ample time to prepare.

Buffum is looking at this as an excellent opportunity to develop the younger players:

“Our priorities are in this order, first to develop our players, second to build on things as preparation for the 2021 season, and third to win. Along with the U19 players who will get much more playing time, we have a number of athletes from other sports who will actually be playing football for the first time and this is a great chance for them to learn and develop.”


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