Switzerland’s Calanda Broncos sign QB Clark Evans

Switzerland’s Calanda Broncos have signed quarterback Clark Evans for the 2017 season.

The 6’4″. 240 lb Evans played for Germany’s Dusseldorf Panther in 2016 and spent the 2015 season with the Ljubljana Silverhawks of Slovenia. A native of Tustin, California, Evans played his college football at the University of Hawaii and also one year at Colorado.

The Calanda Broncos have been one of the top teams in Switzerland for the past 10 years. The Broncos have won six of the last eight Swiss Bowl titles and won Eurobowl in 2012. Broncos head coach Geoff Buffum was understandably happy:

“We are looking forward to having Clark lead our offense this year. He’s a product of a very good Southern California high school and had a very good career at the FBS level. He’s shown over the past two seasons that he can be very productive in Europe, even on a team that struggled last year. Clark was able to keep them in games with his arm or his legs.”

American Football International caught up with Clark recently to find out how he landed in Switzerland and his thoughts about football in Europe.

American Football International: .How did you come to sign with the team in Calanda?

Clark Evans: I was in talks with a couple other teams in Europe then I was introduced to the Broncos head coach Geoff Buffum. After coach Buffum gave me the breakdown of the organization and how he runs things I was sold. I have not had the opportunity to play for an American head coach in Europe until now and I jumped at the opportunity.

AFI: How much did you know about American football in Slovenia, Germany or Europe before 2015?

Evans: Before 2015 I knew very little about the game of football in Europe, just that it existed. After my first two seasons I think I am starting to get the hang of how things work over here and enjoying every second of my time over here

AFI: What are you looking forward to most about playing in Switzerland?

Evans: The thing I am looking forward to most in Switzerland is competing for a Swiss championship I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play past the regular season in my European experience and would like to bring the championship back to Chur for the organization and my teammates.

AFI: What do you think you can bring to the club in 2017?

Evans: I think the best thing I can bring to the Calanda Broncos this season is my work ethic, my passion for the game of football, and I also have been working very hard on becoming a team leader and I hope I can lead by example for my teammates.

AFI: What has been your favorite food in Europe?

Evans: Oh that’s a tough one everything I eat in Europe is amazing from the Chevapchichi I had in Slovenia to bratwurst on Germany. However I think the food item that stands out the most is a kabob. Every city has good kabobs

AFI: Have you had a chance to travel and where have you visited?

Evans: Yes last year I was fortunate enough to have my girlfriend visit me and we took a trip last year to Paris and Barcelona. It was an amazing experience and I hope that we are able to visit some new places this year

AFI: What are your thoughts about football in Europe?

Evans: I think the game of football in Europe is a growing game. Some organizations are doing everything correctly. And they resemble top high school and college programs but there is still a big gap in the talent after the top 30 teams or so. But as I have been around I see organizations more and more walking along the right path. I hope someday that we can get the best teams in Europe all in one league so we can really see who the best is

Clark Evans highlights for 2016

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