Taste of the Stadium: Südstadion/Cologne Centurions

The stadiums in the European League of Football are not only filled with football fans but also food sites to feed the thousands of people who have been flocking to the games.

So, our reporter, Michal Voitek, visited four ELF stadiums and sampled food at each one, rating the dishes he has tasted.

What kind of food are football fans eating? Let’s find out.

The first stadium on the list is Südstadion, home of the Cologne Centurions.

A burrito is not always a burrito

Südstadion is one of the smaller stadiums in the ELF meaning their food selection isn’t always the biggest. Once inside the stadium there are a few vendors that are almost always packed with a line of people, and they sell foods like nachos, chicken sandwiches, French fries, pretzels, pork sandwiches, and even some schnitzel. Just outside of the stadium there are a few more choices as well and one that caught the eye was the bright yellow truck of Chidonkey, a Mexican food style restaurant. This truck offers delicacies such as chicken burritos, cheesy beef burritos, quesadillas and tacos.

I went with the chicken burrito. Its look was right: a warm toasty tortilla, with little bits of gooey cheese and pepper sauce seeping out. Time for a delicious bite, right?

Not quite. The German taco truck is a long way away from Mexico and the food definitely showed that. It didn’t quite taste like Mexican food at all. More like a salad wrapped in a tortilla. That first bite was quite a disappointment. Chidonkey is a chain, so that may be why the food wasn’t the best, or it could be because this writer hails from America where Mexican food is abundant and delicious. Who knows?

My first taste of the stadium may have been a failure but there are plenty more stops on this train, and I look forward to sharing with you everything I saw and tasted while visiting the stadiums in the European League of Football.

Below is the full clip for the taste of the stadium along with the official score (first score was a mistake)!

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