Team Belgium sets 45 man roster for game against Hungary

The Belgian Barbarians, Team Belgium, are getting ready to play Hungary this weekend as the IFAF 2020 European Championship group/qualification stage continue in Group B.

Belgium is coming off a 32-23 win over Team Israel earlier this month while the Hungarians defeated Spain 24-7 two weeks ago in Budapest.

These two teams faced each other three years ago in an international friendly and the Belgians came away with a 20-17 win.

Team Belgium head coach Spencer Wood has announced his 45 man roster which includes veteran signal caller Tomasz Firszt returning at quarterback. Firszt missed the game against Israel but is ready to go in this one.

Belgium and Hungary play in Group B along with Spain, Israel and Turkey.


Firszt Tomasz (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Vancompernolle Willem (Izegem Tribes – BE)
De Coninck Cedric (Antwerp Argonauts – BE)


Onema Jimmy (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Laby Mathieu (Andenne Bears – BE)
Meerschout Arkadi (Brussels Black Angels – BE)


De Groote Thomas (Ostend Pirates – BE)
Godichal Hadrien (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Hiernaux Lucky (Charleroi Coalminers – BE)
Van De Wiele Kevin (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Phillips Killian (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Simon Xavier (Brussel Black Angels – BE)
Soufi Jamal (Limburg Shotguns – BE)


Bouron Brice (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Claes Seppe (Limburg Shotguns – BE)
Michiels Bjarne (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Thaels Batiste (Dudelange Steelers – LU)
Vanhoeymissen Matthias (Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles – BE)
Vranken Reda (Brussels Black Angels – BE)


Bottin Jerome (Dusseldorf Panthers – DE)
Casteels Freddy (Mallorca Voltors – ES)
De Caluwé Brian (Brussels Black Angels РBE)
Eeman Michel (Limburg Shotguns – BE)
Lannoo Kenzo (Ghent Gators – BE)
Pierquin Dylan (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Van Der Sluys Simon (Ghent Gators – BE)
Vanhee Nick (Ostend Pirates – BE)


Corijn David (Vikings de Villeneuve d’Ascq – FR)
Depreitere Rogier (Ghent Gators – BE)
Dossche Stijn (Izegem Tribes – BE)
Morel Michiel (Ghent Gators – BE)
Nelissen Gert (Bern Grizzlies – CH)
Philipsen Thomas (Limburg Shotguns – BE)
Van Gorp Jef (Limburg Shotguns – BE)
Wonke Daren (Limburg Shotguns – BE)


Amant Stephen (Ghent Gators – BE)
Bouron Thomas (Brussels Black Angels – BE)
Coudyzer Robbe (Izegem Tribes – BE)
De Hoffmann Mathieu (Cologne Crocodiles – DE)
De Ruyter Ruben (Rostock Griffins – DE)
Allison Thomas (Amsterdam Crusaders – NL)
Rwantambara Aril (Cologne Crocodiles – DE)
Claes Vincenzo (Ostend Pirates – BE)
Delmotte Alexandre (Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles – BE)
Verbist Gilles (Leuven Lions – BE)

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