Team Denmark gets past a late charging Team Serbia

In a packed Gentofte Stadium in Copenhagen this past weekend, Team Denmark took a 13-0 lead in an International Federation of American Football European Championship placement game against Serbia and then held on for a 13-7 win.

With the victory, Denmark moves on the face Great Britain to decide fifth place.

Denmark took an early 6-0 lead on a pair of field goals but Serbia looked like they would respond. They were within striking distance of the end zone on third and 13 with 26 seconds remaining in the second quarter, but ended the half without reward as Dejan Polovina’s field goal was blocked as time expired. They then moved quickly downfield in part thanks to a superb catch at midfield by Jovan Ikic from Milos Simatovic’s pass, but an interception ended the drive.

Denmark advanced steadily in reply as Andreas Brandsen ran up the middle and almost broke through the last line of defense, then Magrus Norgaard’s rush took the ball down to the two-yard mark. Quarterback Christoffer Carstens scored untouched as he tucked the ball away as the defense bit and followed a fake handoff.

Undeterred at being 13 points down, Serbia rallied and on fourth and goal. Simatovic lofted pass to tight end Aleksa Smilijic in the back of end zone and the extra point was tagged on to pull within six points of the hosts. Despite a brave attempt, a Hail Mary pass with only nine seconds to play fell just beyond the receivers and Denmark held out for the 13-7 win.

Original text by Michael Presdon

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