Team Ireland To Hold Open Tryouts In November

The Irish National American Football – Team Ireland – team are set to host open tryouts later this fall, with the first session planned as early as Saturday, November 19th.

With the number of teams and players steadily rising in Ireland and the quality of Irish football at an all time high, the Irish American Football Association (IAFA) have decided to hold tryout’s for anyone that is eligible for an Irish passport.


The hope is to build on current foundations set in place by improving the overall quality of the squad. In return this will help with the stability of the national program with the ultimate goal to be competing in European competitions in the foreseeable future.

The national team contested their first ever competitive game in late August, as they travelled to the Netherlands to face the Dutch Lions, one of Europe’s most established national sides.

It was an impressive debut and provided valuable experience for the players and coaches involved. With plenty of optimism in the camp; the team is certainly heading in the right direction.

The tryout is open to players of all experience who play either in the Irish American Football League or in another league abroad.


The event will take place at the excellent state-of-the-art National Sports complex in Blanchardstown, Dublin, where a number of professional sporting organisations including the Republic of Ireland soccer team train throughout the year.

All players interested in competing for a place on the Team Ireland squad are encouraged to do so by registering for the event through the link provided.

Register to try out for Team Ireland here.

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