Team Sweden announces roster for IFAF European Championship qualification round

Team Sweden head coach Billy BD Kennedy has selected his roster for this fall’s European Championship Group A qualification games.

The Swedish national team will travel to Moscow to face Team Russia on October 5 and then will host Great Britain on November 2 in Kristianstad.

Sweden plays in D Division of Group A along with Great Britain and Russia.

Group A: 2019 – 2020

Group A is the top group of teams in the European Championships and is made up of 12 teams. In the first year, the teams have been split into four divisions of three teams each. The Divisions for 2019 are: A (France, Serbia,, Czech Republic), B ( Austria, Italy, Switzerland), C (Finland, Denmark, Netherlands) and D (Russia, Sweden, Great Britain).

The winners of the divisions will meet in 2020 to decide the European champion.

The Carlstad Crusaders have the largest group of players on the team with 13 while the Stockholm Mean Machines have seven, Orebro Black Knights five, Wasa Royals (Finland) three, Kristianstad Predators and Allgau Comets (Germany) two apiece and the Thonon Black Panthers (France), Frankfurt Universe (Germany), Kuopio Steelers (Finland), Helsinki Wolverines (Finland) Uppsala 86ers, Kristiansand Gladiators and STU Northside Bulls all have one player each on the team.

Team Sweden will hold a training camp September 21-22 in preparation for the first game of the two-game series.

Team Sweden roster

Position First name Last name Club
QB Philip Juhlin Carlstad Crusaders
QB Dennis Isberg Kristiansand Gladiators
RB Emil Knutsson Carlstad Crusaders
RB Joshua Akena Stockholm Mean Machines
RB Kasper Wedberg Thonon Black Panthers
WR Marcus Johnsson Carlstad Crusaders
WR Kevin Börzsei Carlstad Crusaders
WR Pär Lindelöf Stockholm Mean Machines
WR Robin Juhlin Allgäu Comets
WR Jonathan Gihl Kristianstad Predators
WR Jacob Bergwall Carlstad Crusaders
WR Filip Wetterberg Örebro Black Knights
OL Anton Hyvönen Carlstad Crusaders
OL Niklas Johansson Carlstad Crusaders
OL Marco Gudding Carlstad Crusaders
OL Martin Thor Carlstad Crusaders
OL John Lindgren Carlstad Crusaders
OL Eric Blomgren Stockholm Mean Machines
OL Rasmus Karlsson Uppsala 86ers
DL Malcolm Engström Stockholm Mean Machines
DL Martin Jäppinen Örebro Black Knights
DL Jackob Gorecki Stockholm Mean Machines
DL Sebastian Nilsson Örebro Black Knights
DL Benjamin Egbudiwe Helsinki Wolverines
DL Gogi Vasic Stockholm Mean Machines
LB Robin Prevolnic Stockholm Mean Machines
LB Mattias Eriksson Kuopio Steelers
LB Filip Jönsson Örebro Black Knights
LB Hugo Dyrendahl STU Northside Bulls
LB Josh Murphy Allgäu Comets
DB Eric Murphy Örebro Black Knights
DB Josef Nguzo Carlstad Crusaders
DB Nicholas Petersson Wasa Royals
DB Markus Persson Wasa Royals
DB Elias Rosenqvist Carlstad Crusaders
DB Victor Jonsson Wasa Royals
DB Sebastian Gauthier Frankfurt Universe
K David Nyhlén Carlstad Crusaders
Coaching staff
HC BD Kennedy Carlstad Crusaders
OC Daniel Holmgren Carlstad Crusaders
Ass O Johan Stål Örebro Black Knights
Ass O Sebastian Nilsson Örebro Black Knights
DC Kari Turpeinen Carlstad Crusaders
Ass D Carl Haglind Stockholm Mean Machines
Ass D Nogor Jemidhe Stockholm Mean Machines

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