Teams That Will Have the Biggest Impact on the NFL Offseason

The Super Bowl just wrapped up, but the NFL is a 24/7 industry. Already you can begin wagering on the outcomes for next season on most sports betting sites Hope springs eternal, and fans are already setting their expectations high for what next year will bring. The NFL offseason is just beginning, but there are many teams that can genuinely expect to undergo massive changes for next season.

The NFL offseason is defined by free agency, trades, and the draft, and some teams hold more cards than others. Whether that is due to a ton of cap space, plenty of draft capital, or leverage to entice some of the top players on the market, let’s look at some of the teams positioned to have the biggest impact on this potentially explosive offseason.

Chicago Bears

There is not a team in the NFL more likely to undergo substantial changes this offseason. Let’s start with the obvious. The Bears were the worst team in the league this year and hold the first pick in the NFL draft. Many expect them to move that pick in a major trade, getting further draft capital to build their offense around rising quarterback Justin Fields. The Bears also enter the offseason with the most cap space, nearly double the amount of the second-place team. They are going to spend in free agency to fill one of the most talent-deficient rosters in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers

In Green Bay, everything comes back to Aaron Rodgers. The mercurial quarterback is in another offseason of flux and coming off a year where the Packers missed out on the playoffs. Will he stay? Will he leave? Will he retire? Either way, the Packers have a lot to address. Their pass-catching talent is some of the worst in the league, and whether Rodgers, backup Jordan Love or some other player is starting, they’re going to need to work to fix that. If they decide to trade Rodgers, it could start a domino effect that defines the offseason.

Oakland Raiders

Much like the Green Bay Packers, a lot of the talk around this offseason is going to revolve around the quarterback position for the Oakland Raiders. Longtime QB Derek Carr has been released, and the Raiders are now looking for a solution. This is a roster that has been built to compete with Davante Adams, Darren Waller, Maxx Crosby, and more. Will they draft a quarterback at the 7th pick of the draft and be patient? Or are they one of the teams that could pursue Aaron Rodgers? The Raiders also have the 3rd most cap space of any team and key free agents like Pro Bowl Running Back Josh Jacobs.

New York Jets

For the first time in a long time, there is genuine cause for optimism for the Jets. They played well in coach Robert Saleh’s second year and have a defense that could be among the best in the league next year. However, an old problem remains. The Jets don’t have a QB. Zach Wilson looks like he isn’t going to cut it at the NFL level, and the Jets need to find a solution to maximize their window. It is expected that they’ll pursue Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers, and if Lamar Jackson becomes available, best believe they’ll be interested.

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